New UI Mockup

This mockup is hopefully what Path of Exile will look like within the next few weeks.

(The text at the top is missing a border, will be fixed.)
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That looks great.
That looks good. I really like those more detailed health and mana orbs.
Looks really nice I love it... very detailed and clean =)
yep that looks pretty cool xD
nicely done i say very excellant job you guys keep improving the game to satisfy are hunger for gaming...also i noticed the females holding the orbs and their bound to them by chains well babes with chains and holding orbs is nice.
I can see the first witch being made then a comment by the villagers. Villagers: KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!
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I want to tell separate thanks your artists and designers, things and the weapon are drawn simply perfectly. And UI so it is certainly more beautiful, than earlier.
This looks amazing. I can't wait to play! Just have to hope I get into the beta. Iv'e been watching this timer all day.
that's a very nice and detailed interface keep up the good work,can't wait to play and try it myself :)
Gorgeous looking :)

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