Raise Zombie

Minion leech nodes from the tree is not working with zombies, not sure if anyone else is running into this issue.
ign : PaperBird
Can we please get more than one skin for the zombies and other summons? I like the mummies fine but I would Like a lot more options. some ones that are dressed fancy might be nice like the ones on the beach in act 6 that you kill for Lilly Roth. or maybe some that look like really odd stuff like clowns or even zombies in animal costumes or even robots. Please give us some thing for them because so many other skills have plenty of skin options but there is nothing for the zombies other than to look like I just raised Tut from his nap.
Raise Zombie gem should receive an additional tag "Physical" to put them in line with other physical minion gems like Carrion Golem or Herald of Agony.
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