Freezing Pulse

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0.9.5 feedback below this post

I'll be back in the office tomorrow after my break, and will get that fixed right up. must be referring to the wrong stat set.

UPDATE: fixed
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Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
I've been using this since the 0.9.9 update. This combined with Added Lightning Damage has been devastating in Act 2 normal. But there is one problem that Kldran mentioned. There are times when it snags on objects in the game world that other spells don't. For example, there are times when I can fire Ice Spear just fine past the corner of some obstacle, but Freezing Pulse just dies at the obstacle.
That's because freezing pulse is a significantly larger object in the game world than ice spear. It also hits more monsters due to it's extra size than ice spear would.
It seems to be freezing without crits in my testing. I do remember it being a higher chance though, as I only saw a few non-crit freezes. I think part of the confusion lies in the fact that it doesn't have a stat that says "+x% chance to freeze". I believe that is because the freeze chance is variable depending on the amount of time the projectile has existed.
Correct. It has a theoretical 100% chance for an enemy standing at the exact centre of the projectile when it's created (I believe this is impossible due to them colliding with you in such a case), which linearly decreases to 0% when the projectile has existed for 25% of it's total duration. The freeze is only for against close-up enemies.
aimlessgun wrote:
Well it has to remain a projectile for a variety of reasons. Though I do wonder if the collision could simply be turned off? No wait, then it could shoot through walls :/ Unless rocks/trees/doodads are a different object class than walls?
No, they do not.
The freeze chance is 100% at 0 distance, and falls off quite quickly to 0. IT would be horribly misleading to list the base freeze chance of 100% on the gem, and we'd be continually dealing with bug reports from people not reading the bit about it loosing the freeze chance quickly.
There is, but you need to be pretty close to melee range in usual circumstances to get it.

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