Supports cannot add tags to gems. They can add to or change the behaviour of the skill, in a way that affects which other supports can apply, but that has nothing to do with tags. Tags are not used for supportability.

Swift Afliction says on the gem "Supports any skill that has a duration, or can hit enemies to inflict ailments on them". Fireball does not have a duration, but can hit enemies to inflict ailments, so Swift Afliction can support it.

Less Duration says "Supports any skill that has a duration", and since Fireball does not have any duration, it cannot support Fireball.

Swift Afliction only changes Fireball's behaviour by affecting the ailments in inflicts, it does not add a component to the skill with a duration, so it does not cause supports such as Less Duration to be able to apply.

I'm more curious than anything but doesn't the Arcane Surge Support add the duration tag to the linked skill, thereby allowing duration gems to affect things like Fireball?

I'm just going by what the Wiki says so I'm curious if this is true
No. None of that behaviour involves tags.

Arcane Surge modifies the behaviour of the supported skill such that it now applies a buff with an explicit duration. That means the skill now has a component with a duration, and thus can be modified by supports that care about that.

Tags are a property of gems, not skills. They are not involved at all in working out what supports what. They are used to identify classes of gems.
can you guys improve the sound effect of this skill??

up until this patch, it sounds like someone is lightly knocking on the door SFX

how about make it to actually sound like a FIRE BALL that has explosive impact sound?
Stygian Fireball


so that my ignite and ignite prolif is color blackish-blue instead of redish-orange (kinda unpleasant to my eyes after long time)
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coming back to this thread as of patch 3.9

the new "base art" of the new fireball is kinda...

too colorful

personally i prefer the old one
but i do think the sounds effect of the new one is better


After all these years now we are in 3.11 and i still don`t see the use for this skill(hit based). It has huge base damage and damage effectiveness but it still fails compared to other skills like say magma orb or arc.
Cant use it as a clear skill because the fireballs detonate and disappear after colliding with front row of mobs, even with supports like unleash, huge aoe investments and added damage investments its slow and clunky compared to other skills.
Can`t use it as single target skill because it has no mechanic that can be used to make it a viable single target skill. For example magma orb bounces and can hit up to 3 times and the jewel for it makes it even better at last bounces. Arc has a huge multiplier on remaining chains. Ice nova devastates when combined with frost bolt etc. Even freezing pulse that has less base damage is better because of freeze and massive cast speed. It also pierces.
Fireball just hits once, the first target with little aoe when up close, and its gone. The new Rolling flames jewel is useless because scorch is almost negligible in later content. Are you guys even serious with this one? It would have been 1000 times better if it held its previous bonus but also gained far shot properties.
Imo Rolling flames should be a threshold jewel that allows fireball to be ground target able. This would drastically improve its single target performance but also gives the option to use it with pierce so it can be a good mob cleaner. Or combine it with intensity and pierce so you can lob large fireballs amidst enemy hordes. Possibilities are endless.

Right now purifying flame is the fireball that should have been the fireball skill from the start.
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