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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Jun 23, 2020, 3:12:26 PM
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Balance & Design
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Balance & Design
Yes, they increase the radius of the AoE.
kutreels wrote:
It seems that when linking to fork or pierce, the fireball will not explode after forking or piercing.

Is this the design of the skill or is it a BUG?
That's intended. If the projectile pierces, it can't have exploded. If it explodes, then there's no projectile left to pierce. The AoE on fireball is a result of the projectile itself exploding, after which it isn't there anymore.
Yes, that's a known graphical issue due to a current limitation in the projectile system for some projectiles, that should be fixed in future.
c2games wrote:
Because of shotgun mechanics, chain was changed to expire on hit and cast a new spell
This is not a change that has ever happened.
c2games wrote:
Then my question changes a bit but still in the same train of thought. Are chained projectiles "new" projectiles?
No, they are not. They are the same projectile, continuing it's movement.
RPGNoobANKA wrote:
Why does (Vaal) Fireball got no Duration tag? Even though it has a DoT characteristic in the description (Ignite DoT/Burning Damage)
Because it has no effect with a skill duration. Ailments (including ignite) treat their duration entirely seperately from the skill, and modifiers to skill effect duration don't interact with them at all. The Duration tag is added to gems based on skill duration affecting the skill.
Supports cannot add tags to gems. They can add to or change the behaviour of the skill, in a way that affects which other supports can apply, but that has nothing to do with tags. Tags are not used for supportability.

Swift Afliction says on the gem "Supports any skill that has a duration, or can hit enemies to inflict ailments on them". Fireball does not have a duration, but can hit enemies to inflict ailments, so Swift Afliction can support it.

Less Duration says "Supports any skill that has a duration", and since Fireball does not have any duration, it cannot support Fireball.

Swift Afliction only changes Fireball's behaviour by affecting the ailments in inflicts, it does not add a component to the skill with a duration, so it does not cause supports such as Less Duration to be able to apply.

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