Tree Planner Complement Part 1: Attack Damage Calc


I would like to introduce my calculation algorithm for mimicing ingame DPS for attacks.

You can find it here.

New link

You can download it as ods or xlsx but you can also duplicate it to your own google docs.

I spend more time planning for PoE than playing. Recently while planning a build I was very frustrated with knowing how the math works but not being able to compare it in a rapid manner.

Later on I felt like it is a shame that other people would have to go through the same effort and usually end up bothering streamers in a typical way: "Hi is x better than y provided that I give no additional information?"

How to use
While planning your skill tree with an online/offline planner you can decide which stats give you more damage by entering your full character numbers and adding the stats that the nodes would give you. You can duplicate the sheet and keep different sheets for different types of the build you are trying to do.

While trading, for example with, you can alter the weapon properties (top left) and compare the outcomes. Check white weapon damage from PoE Wiki.

Additional Information
This calc will probably never get outdated as base PoE mechanics are being used.

I do have a spell damage equivalent that needs to be heavily updated and is not polished. (Part 2)

I do have a mana/mana regen calculator that needs to be heavily updated because it considers old EB. Also not polished. (Part 3)

I am considering making a defensive mechanics calculator to be able to represent among others the ingame armor and evasion % reductions (which apply to an average hit of a monster of your level) but also to be able to input a large hit value and see how well you do. That is a long term goal however. (Part 4?)

If you find errors please inform me. Otherwise let me know what you think.

Fixed colors as literally everybody was complaining!
Fixed the added +% lightning damage sum accidently being replaced with a 0.
Overhauled looks, fixed 2 errors in the code, added full damage conversion, added full accuracy table support.
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Tested it quickly, looks quite thorough. Good job.

Downloaded the ods version, only thing I have to say is from a visual perspective it's headache-inducing to be dealing with the myriad of colours you have on display. Keep it simple with greyscale tones or just less overall colour use.

Looking forward to your spell version.
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
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I guess I'm going to repost this from the reddit thread for people from this forum. I made this
sheet while I was playing arc in the one month race. I guess buff effectiveness was removed in beta so that's gonna have to be updated a bit. But it should work perfectly well for the current patch. I hope it's of some use.
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EDIT2 has been added. Much more polished version and more accurate in specific cases (fixed instance of increased not applying to appropriate element).

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