Loot Filter Colour Palettes

Updated again.
Thanks, I have been using this page.

Fight censorship
Updated. :-)
you guys should ve shown me this looooong ago.
would ve been helpful for me.
now i have to restructure my whole filter.
Unknown rule type: SetFondSize
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Queen of Padlocks

Beautiful, Underutilized, Magnificent Palettes?
Since threads are now auto-locked after a certain amount of time I really appreciate the

which reactivated this one :-)

Sarno wrote:

Beautiful, Underutilized, Magnificent Palettes?

Aww... :-D

Also, yeah, I finally found the time to add another batch. Have fun :-)
The update is nowhere near done but I'm bumping the thread to keep it from being autolocked again. :-)
Updated :-)
No update (yet, sorry, really busy atm) so just a bump to shoo off the autolock :-D

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