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1.2 builds with broken trees

Arc: Solar's Chaos Arc'er with Voltaxic
Dual Shockwave Totem: Blood Magic Shockwave Shadow
Ethereal Knives: [1.2.2] ADI's EK - HC viable(beyond)-Acrobatics + blocks + Nice DPS - VERY CHEAP
Ethereal Knives: [1.2] CraZ_Killa's Crit EK Shadow
Flameblast: 1.2.x Crit Flameblast EB AA 11-17k tooltip. Full Atziri video with 1 shot vaals
Flame Surge: [1.2] EE Surge Ball Crit Shadow with Herlad of Ice and Three Dragons - 26k DPS
Glacial Cascade: [1.2.1] Crit Glacial Cascade Build - Cheap & Powerful
Ice Spear: Berek's Grip Ice Spear [Season 8 race reward!]
Incinerate: [1.2.2] Hack's Dual Cybil's Incinerator (60K+ Shotgun DPS, 1K life gain/sec)
Incinerate: [1.2] Incinerate Max Block (Beyond) 112k DPS, 7.6k Life
Lightning Tendrils: [1.2.4] Dual Curse Crit Tendrils Freezer [Lvl 85, ~50k DPS, EB/MOM]
Spark: 1.2.4 - Durable self cast spark build

Generic: [1.2.0] Dual Claws Are Cool Usable with different melee skills
Cleave: Elemental maniac - 6 auras, 30k+ dps, HP, non-crit
Double Strike: The Multilayer Mitigation Shadow: Insane DPS, insane fun!- by Carmondai
Dual Strike: 1.2 update dual strike build 84k(160k whit new dagger) dps AOE whit guide and video
Flicker Strike: 1.2Lv96 Poutsos' Flicker Nuke-Insane Boss Videos-Atziri n more,280K AoE DPS,11.5kES-Rampage tree
Flicker Strike: [1.2]KoreanGamer's Flicker Throw build
Flicker Strike: [1.2] Ci Flicker Nuke Build by Doeboy - 38/32k DPU - 10/13k es
Leap Slam: SmoknTumbleWeed's Burning Leap Slam uses dual Dyadus unique
Lightning Strike: [1.2] The Herald of Storm - Hybrid Degenerator - 100k AoE DPS
Lightning Strike: [1.2] Crit Dagger Ranged Lightning Strike. 45k+ DPS and near Crit cap w/o Powercharges
Lightning Strike: [1.2] Elemental Crit Lightning Strike - Atziri Capable
Molten Strike: First Mortal Conviction+ES+Bino's build! Capped crit 74k+ dps (can be 100k+ easily)
Reave: [1.2] The Overloaded: LVL 100 CI 230k AoE DPS Reave 14k ES (Uber video inside)
Reave: No Bull**** Reave Build 281K DPS, Uber Capable! 6 Auras, Low-Life
Reave: My Dagger Crit Reave [1.2.1]
Reave: Cabdru - 1.2 Hardcore CI Incandescent Heart Build
Reave: Hyaon's Reave by Onin uses dual Hyanon's Fury unique
Reave: 352k Dps Low-Life Reaver 1.2.2
Reave: pZychedelic's Reaver [Soloplay, HC viable] EB/MoM/AA
Viper Strike: [1.2.0] AcroBlock BoR Viper Striker
Viper Strike: Viper strike(57k)Reave(32k) fast clear,great tankyness.Moderate gear prices.

Ice Shot/Frenzy: Budget 'OP feel ' Frenzy 100% Pierce ice Shot Shadow 1.2.2
Lightning Arrow: [Beyond 1.2] CancerDlaProstate Lightning Arrow (100% Conversion + lvl 25 auras)
Lightning Arrow: Level 93 Elemental Lightning Arrow
Spectral Throw: 1.2.0 - Spectral Throw Crit Dagger (HC Viable)
Spectral Throw: Snobby's CI Crit 1k Crit Multi Spectral Throw
Spectral Throw/Double Strike: Hasty's Crit ST Variation 30k ST / 121k Double Strike

Wander: [1.3] Kionn's Phy Crit Wander | Atziri Viable | 78+maps fast clears w/ VIDEOS - UPDATED

HoI/HoT: Thunder Slam Jam: The Herald Prolif build that doesn't use Ash Heralds as main damage source
Mjolner: [1.2] TDV's Life/Eva Tri-Lvl 23 Purities MJOLNER Build
-----TRIGGER GEMS (see comment on legacy items in the next post)
Cast on Death: Arikado45's Cast on death build 1.2.1 *UPDATE*
CoC: CI Melee Shocker (Double Strike + CoC + Arc + Spark) Crit Build
CoC: Space's CoC Windripper Build (2 Million dps!?) Build Of The Week #7 [now w/ 1.2 tree]
CoC: {1.2.0} CoC - Acrobatics - Video up!
CoC: [1.2.X] Molten Strike CoC Flame Surge - Dual-wielding daggers, evasion, acrobatics, ondar's
CoC: Azmodael's Master of the Elements, a CoC VGA melting build
CoC: [~1.2~] **BAYBLAE** MEGA DPS CoC CYCLONE Discharge // VAAL PACT + CI needs legacy Voll’s Devotion
CoC: Poor man mjolner's - Hybrid CoC [With video]
CoC: CHEAP and tanky CoC ST build
CoC: Freezing Pulse CoC with Molten Strike
CoC: Low budget lazy mans coc discharger shadow Cyclone Discharger
CwDT: [1.2.3 Rampage] Cast when Drinking Potion Quad-curse Blood Magic Crit Discharger
CwDT: [1.2.4d] Cast when Drinking Potion spell spammer - 20 spells per second with no active skills
Traps: Chin sol / burning arrow / proliferate traps Burning Arrow on trap
Traps: Bear Trap Avatar of Fire Elemental Proliferation with 100% chance to ignite Bear Traps
Traps: [1.2] EB+MoM+AA Firetrapper - Safe, fast clear speed, cheap and fun!
Traps: 1.2 Very Tanky, Fire Trap Burn Prolif Shadow

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1.3 builds
Arc: Talfus - The Melter Crit Arc build. [ 1.3 ]
Arc: jauers magic finder, a regular guide for a solid mf full mf for party or endgame solo. 4.11 gorge
Arc: Frost Shock 1.2 - Shadow Guide [Video] // Beginner Friendly
Arc: [ 1.3.0 ] GT's Crit Arc Shadow. MoM / AA / Vaal Pact
Arc: [1.3] Daze (Arc-Stun) stun build
Arc: [1.3.1] zSavage's CI Crit Arcer (Budget, HC viable) - High ES, Reflect 'Proof'
Ball Lightning: [1.2.x] HeaT's Low-Life IR Crit Ball Lightning Guide
Ball Lightning: 1 month staff ball lightning [2 Videos Added]
Detonate Dead: 1.3v OMG's Ci Detonate Dead (Triple Curse) uber kills:69
Detonate Dead/Summoner: Moro's immolating dead- a cheap, newbie friendly detonate dead/summoner hybrid
Discharge: [1.3 Torment] DRelentless' "Classic" Ceaseless Discharger (Budget Build)
Dual Totem-Flame Totem: Aim's 1.3 Fleet Foot - FlameShock totem /Arc /cant be hit / cheap farmer / 4L Atziri Viable
Dual Totem-Frost Wall: Emo Foul Mouth Gandalf (Frost Wall)
Dual Totem-Kinetic Blast: [1.3] Didii's Raging Totemer (Kinetic Blast totem+conduit)
Ethereal Knives: [1.3] Tempada's Non-Crit EK (AA/EB/MoM/HC Viable) A Comprehensive Ethereal Knives Guide
Ethereal Knives: *Updated* [60K Dps Crit EK Caster] #VoidBattery #LightningCoil
Ethereal Knives: I Cast Magic Missile! - Cantrip's guide to Ethereal Knives 1.3
Ethereal Knives: 1.2.0 /// Bashar EK Tank : 28,000 dps : 6,500 life
Ethereal Knives: [1.2.3]Elemental Critical Ethereal Knives build
Ethereal Knives: [1.3] Acrobatic Knives xD, Ctri EK/Phase Acro/VP
Flameblast/Flame Surge: [1.2.0] Yoga Blaster [CRIT Flameblast+Flamesurge/EB/MoM]
Flameblast: Toart's Flameblaster with a twist. Up to 300k dps in a 3L in full MF-Gear
Flame Surge: Flame Surgeon - Cheap endgame build
Freezing Pulse: Astykon - The Great Freeze Pulse Build [1.3 UPDATED]
Freezing Pulse: [1.2.x] CRIT Flaming Pulse 42K GMP TOOLTIP ANTI-REFLECT
Freezing Pulse: [1.3] Freeze your way to glory. Crit Freezing Pulse 80k GMP EB/MoM
Freezing Pulse: [1.3] Shock Pulse Shadow - 25k GMP tooltip Reflect Resistant Freezing Pulse cold to fire conversion
Glacial Cascade: [1.3] The Herald of Chaos - Chaos Damage Crit Caster Build
Glacial Cascade: [1.3] SevenD's Glacial Cascade Build [Crit; Perma freeze; Vaal Pact; Easy Atziri] 64k*4 DPS
Glacial Cascade: [Bloodlines 1.3.0] Crit AoF TTD Glacial Cascade
Ice Nova: [1.3 update]SuperNova - 5 min Palace | whole screen 40-100K DPS | Atziri ez 4 min all boss'
Ice Nova: Nova Cascade Freeze Build 1.3
Ice Spear: (1.3.X) Ice Spear Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics Shadow (HC Viable)
Incinerate: [1.3] Blood magic dodge incinerate with dual Doryani's Catalyst!!!!
Righteous Fire/Incinerate: [1.2] Compulsive incinerator [Guide]
Lightning Tendrils: [1.2.4] Crit Tendrils Freezer [Lvl 80, ~26k DPS, EB/MOM, Dual Curse]
Spark: [1.3] Hybrid Life/ES non crit Spark (with video)
Spark: [1.3] Spider Charmer or Crit Pierce Self Cast Sparker
Spark: Landosss dual dagger Crit Spark piercer

Generic: [1.2.0] Dual Claws Are Cool Usable with different melee skills
Cleave: [1.2.0] Nito's life based Sword crit Cleaver 58k AoE dps!
Cleave: Goddess Scorned Crit Ele Cleave with HoA prolif (1.3) Built around Goddess Scorned
Cleave: [1.3] Dual Wield Crit Cleave - High Damage on a Low Budget (Torment League)
Cyclone: [1.3] Farvel's crit dagger BUDGET cycloner (Atziri viable!)
Cyclone: Elemental cyclone sword+scepter ( Vaal ground slam + Whirling blades )
Cyclone: First Build Guide - Cryogenic Crit Cyclone
Dual Strike: [ 1.3.0 ] Vaal Pact Dual Claw Build Level 91 ( Build of the Week )
Dual Strike: [1.2.2] zSavage's CI Dual Claw Crit [Dual Strike]
Dual Strike: [1.3] S3ph1r0th's Crit Striker (Herald godliness) [5-link over 100k AoE dps]
Dual Strike: Hellcat5's Guide to Wolverine Shadow for 1.3.1
Dual Strike: [1.3] "Bill the Butcher" Modular CI by wraithe_au
Dual Strike: [1.3] "Spectral Assassin" Low Life Dual Wield by wraithe_au
Flicker Strike: [1.3] [Pony's] Cheap CI FlickerStrike Shadow - Physical to Lightning!
Flicker Strike: #1 Claw CI Build! 16K+ES DimenRush ES Fortress! The FACETANK Atziri Build
Flicker Strike: [1.2] You have 25 chaos? Solo Cheap Claw Flicker w/videos 32k~76k dps
Flicker Strike: 1.3 Universal Shadow crit CI flicker strike build
Flicker Strike: [1.2.0]Affordable/Cheap HP-Based Acrobatic Crit-Flicker(54k Flicker DPS)
Flicker Strike: [1.3] HybridFlicker (life+es w/ Incandescent Heart) life-ES hybrid
Flicker Strike: 1.3 Hyaon's Fury Flicker COMK Arc --WIP--
Flicker Strike: 1.3 CI Flicker NO power charges! Now with videos
Flicker Strike: Flicker strike build (low budget, health; 1.3)
Glacial Hammer: Level 92 crit glacial hammer shadow 46%/45% dodge/spell dodge 55k aoe 88k single target dps
Lightning Strike: [1.2] Beyond Lightning Strike Crit Dagger!
Lightning Strike: Kaom's Cumstriker - Off-Tank - 5k+ life | 110k+ DPS | Atziri Viable | Capped Crit!
Reave: Soul Reaver 550k dps Reave CI crit shadow Updated 1.3!!
Reave/Flicker Strike: Crit Flicker/Reaver - 1.2 Rampage updated - Peyter
Reave: [1.3] Guide for Life based Crit Dagger Reave
Reave: Critical Reave Dagger | Acrobatics & Phase Acrobatics | Ondars Guile | Shadow
Reave: 1.3.1 Budget Life based Reave 5l 84k dps minimum!
Static Strike: [1.3.x] Ayron's Static Strike Crit-Dagger Shadow
Static Strike: [1.3] Sando's Crit Static Strike Shadow
Static Strike: [1.3] The Undying Shadow - 118k DPS 75/56 Block 5.3k Hybrid
Static Strike: 1.3~ Alf' statik strike Insane Dps DW

Explosive Arrow: [1.2] Gram's Crit Explosive Arrow | Rampage League
Explosive Arrow: [1.2] Art is An Explosive Arrow - High DPS Crit Explosive Arrow
Explosive Arrow: [1.3.0] Sando's Explosive Arrow Shadow (EE/EB/2curses)
Explosive Arrow: [BL] Zob's Shadow Tri Curse EE EA
Explosive Arrow: Thickly's Explosive arrow Build [1,3 ] In depth
Explosive Arrow: [1.3.1] MF Explosive arrow (EB VP EE)
Ice Shot: The Herald of Ash : A Physical Bow Build
Ice Shot: [1.2] (WIP) Genji's Crit Pierce Ice Shot with Herald of Ash + Proliferation
Ice Shot: Herald of Ash + Ice Shot + Pyre
Ice Shot: Cool Shadow - Ice Shot perma freeze, EB/AA/MoM [1.2]
Ice Shot: [1.3] The Frozen Shotgun - Ice Shot, HoI, shatter the world
Ice Shot: [1.3] The Railgun: Chin Sol Point Blank Pyre Ice Shot [NSFHC]
Poison Arrow: Oakly - Poison Arrow § Searing Bond build Bloodlines [ 1.3 ]
Split Arrow: 1.2 Layent's Low Life Split-Crit 100KDPS Reflect Viable End-Game
Split Arrow: [1.2] Physical crit shock-archer 36k Split Arrow (Beyond Top 7 RIP at 99lvl) HC build
Split Arrow/Elemental Hit: [1.2.1] Grocery's Split Arrow/Elemental Hit Crit Bow Build!
Split Arrow/Elemental Hit: Snobby's Windripper Coil/Ondars/Acro Build
Split Arrow/Elemental Hit: [1.3] Elemental non-crit archer - CHEAP - 10k(13.7k) Split Arrow, 20k+ Elemental Hit
Split Arrow/Puncture: Crit SA+Puncture Shadow
Tornado Shot: BOW LIKE A MAN: Chin Sol Point Blank Tornado Shot CHEAP
Tornado Shot: [1.3.1] zSavage's EB RT Ele Aura Archer [Tornado Shot] elemental build
Tornado Shot: [1.3.0] Grocery's 250k+ DPS Frenzy Tornado Shot Physical Bow Build!
Tornado Shot: Elemental Archer
Tornado Shot: [1.3] Tornado Windripper Elemental Crit Archer
Spectral Throw: [1.2.0 - Beyond] Crit ST - Daggers and Evasion (Acrobatics and Ondars)
Spectral Throw: 1.2.2 The under 10Ex LL-crit-ST Atziri farmer (with 200iir+ 20k+ DPS)
Spectral Throw: Mathil's Crit Elemental Buzzsaw
Spectral Throw/CoC: Bino Crit ST (no lmp/gmp) ST not only triggers coc but does damage
Spectral Throw/Double Strike: Low Budget Daresso's Conduit Power Plant
Spectral Throw/Double Strike: [SC/HC] Crit ST w/ bloodrage
Spectral Throw: {1.3} Hasty's HP VP Crit Spectral Throw [33k-45k max Dps]
Spectral Throw: [1.3]The Budget Lowlife builds [Atziri viable][Wander][ST Dagger][Reflect safe][Video]
Spectral Throw: [1.3]Elreon's Crit Elemental Spectral Throw by quodlikeX
Spectral Throw: [1.3][Torment] Life Based Bino's Crit ST 38K+ LMP Atziri capable
Spectral Throw: Hellcat5's Guide to Shadow Poison / Bleed / Flicker / Spectral Throw for 1.3.1
Spectral Throw: [1.3.1] Standard/Torment Volls Protector crit ele buzzsaw (29K GMP/66K single) with atziri guide
Spectral Throw: 1.3.x Loath Banana throw aka 1 mirror wonder 40k lmp dps unbuffed with blood magic gem
PowerSiphon: 1.2 - Budget Life Physical Wander
PowerSiphon-ele: Herald of Ash proliferation wander
PowerSiphon: [1.3] Kionn's Phy Crit Wander | Atziri Viable | 78+maps fast clears w/ VIDEOS
PowerSiphon: [1.2] BigsMcgee's OG Phys Wander WIP
PowerSiphon/KB-ele: The Elementalist [Ele Wander: 100k+ single, 400k+ AOE burn/s]
PowerSiphon: [1.2] YoshiXt's Level 96 Beyond Top 10 Physical crown of eyes life wander with build variations
PowerSiphon: [1.3] Phys Crit Power Siphon Wander! (Old School Cool)
KineticBlast: [1.3][WIP] Kinetic Blast + AA + EB + Vaal Pact - Leveling Progression + Crafting + Videos
KineticBlast: Pierce Kinetic Blast AoE Nuke, Reflect Immune
KineticBlast: Mathil's Life Crit Ele Kinetic Striker - Cheap, easy, effective
KineticBlast: [1.3]Morgor/Ben's Official CoC Frost Wall AoE Monster
KineticBlast-ele: [1.3] Angryweasel's Elemental Kinetic Blaster [Bloodlines tested] (WIP)
KineticBlast: Versatile Kinetic Blast build [WIP] - because I'm conservative :P
KineticBlast: [1.3.x] Kinetic Blast Wander | Physical and Elemental | HC Viable
KineticBlast-ele: [1.3.x] Piscator's KB Ele Wander
KineticBlast-ele: Mortal Conviction Piscator's wander / 7k ES + Non-CoE up to 55k+ 6L GMP Kinetic / 45k 5L Siphon
KineticBlast-ele: 1.3 Head Exploder - Hight DPS Kinetic Blast MF 400+ iir 100+ iiq 5k ES lowlife + Budget Version
KineticBlast-ele: The Piscator's elemental Kinetic faster build. (softcore, cheap and fun!)
KineticBlast: Undying Wander (Coil + MoM)
KineticBlast-ele: Budget Low Life Wander - 1.3 Viable
KineticBlast-ele: [ 1. 3] Resolute Technique Kinetic Blast Shadow.

HoI/HoT: ShatterBolt [1.3 Viable end game Self substainable Herald of Thunder/Ice build] Heralds as main damage source
HoI/HoT: [1.3] The Storm Weaver - Ice Nova + Heralds Chain Shatter Build
HoI/HoT: Erueruefu's Proliferator [1.3 up to date]
HoI/HoT: HERALD OF SLAMLIFERATE! (1.3) [V.Cheap] [Life] [Hardcore] [Leveling-Friendly] [Unusual] [Freeze]
HoI/HoT: [1.3.x] The Icebreaker - 3 Dragons crit spell / max AoE HoI, futureproofed for beta changes
MF Culler: Hakuna Matata Quill-Rain Machine-Gun Party-Culler
-----TRIGGER GEMS (see comment on legacy items in the next post)
CoC: Barrage Wonder Wanderer – how to DEMOLISH maps with EK or Fire and Ice (with Theory of UBER version)
CoC: Call of Zeus - Spectral Throw/CoC/Storm Call - Updated with videos
CoC: [1.3.0] Brentorg's Nutter Discharger Build needs legacy Voll’s Devotion
CoC: Lightning Buzzsaw CoC
CoC: Beyond and rampage "budget Elreon" free of cost ST-COC, Atziri capable
CoC: Fakener (budget fake Mjölner) build - Uber Atziri viable Cyclone Discharger
CoC: Firebreathing assassin CoC dagger Flame Surge excellent burst decent sustain
CoC: FireChuck!™ - Cheap Double Wand Hybrid, Cast on Crit, Righteous Fire ES/life hybrid for HC
CoC: [1.3] The ShatterTrain© CoC Kinetic Blaster - Million DPS whole Screen Destroyer
CoC: Tre's Freezing Buzzsaw Tanky CoC Acro/Phase Acro/Ondars CHEAP
CoC: [HC, 1.2] CoC/Block Spectral Throw with Vagan's dagger - great DPS and survivability
CoC: [1.3](UPDATED)CoC Banana Toss - Uber deathless video 1.25mil single target
CoC: 1.3 kinetic arcer insane dps for lower buget =) *updated*
CoC: [1.3.x] The Arctic GroundCoC (Ice Nova + Glacial Cascade) - relatively cheap
CoC: [1.3]--Megablast-- the unusual discharger / Windripper CoC build / Map focused
CoC: [1.3] Jay's Spectral Throw CoC Shadow - Acro/Ondar's/Evasion
CoC: [Bloodlines]Budget Kinetic Blast CoC Arc/Sparker!
CoC: The static freeze striker (shocks and freezes everywhere!)
CoC: [1.3] ChristusRex's Shadow Tornado CoC Build Bloodlines
CoC: Doeboy's "YOLOwhirl" CoC "Hits Can't be Evaded" Cycloner *Deathless Uber* powered by AXN uses Voll's Devotion
CoC: Flicker CoC - Clearspeed is fun (and affordable)!
CoC: MingPrawn's new "Broken Toss" ~ [1.3.4] Deathless Uber Atziri in 45sec uses vagan dagger
CoC: [HC] Sekkna Snaps, a Kinetic Blast - Cast on Crit - Coldsnap -build
CoMK: [1.3.1] Static Strike - CoMK - Arc lightning fireworks build guide! Video included
Traps: [1.2.0] UPDATE CI Fire Trap/Fireball Searing Touch Shadow/Witch Build w/High Damage!
Traps: [1.2] Tri Element Trapper (Update to Arkon 9944's build)
Traps: [1.1.5]PewPewPews Cheap Starter Friendly Surge Trapper | 1.2 Speculation inside! fire traps + trap-flame surge
Traps: Shrapnel Grenade Trapper Shadow, the not so quiet assassin Tornado Shot + RoA on traps
Traps: [1.2] Quad Curse Trapper uses four curses
Traps: [1.3] Jaws of Agony Crit Trapper - Tako
Traps: [Beyond][1.2] Whaitiri's Agnerod East Arc Trapper - 68% Pen, Dualcurse, Acro/Ondars
Traps: PSYREN'S Tri or Quad - Curse EE Fire Trapper
Traps: [ 1.3 ] Burning Arrow Ignite Prolife Trapper - detailed Guide - fast clear - boss killer - hardcore
Traps: [1.3]Agnerod East Reloaded - cheap, effective Trapper with 71% Penetration Arc
Traps: [1.3.1]Chin Sol x Burning Arrow: The all rounder #atziriViable #budget
Traps: [1.3] The Nuclear Trapper [HC] fire traps
Traps: [1.3.1] Tri-Element Equilibrium Trapper (budget atziri's killer)fire/cold snap/arc trap
Traps: [1.3] CI crit firetrapper
Remote Mine: [1.3] Bloodlines Remote Ice Spear Proliferate Mines cold2fire burn proliferation

LLD-Traps: {1.3}PvP Build - LLD Searing touch fireball trapper trap-fireball
LLD-Traps: [PvP] Fireball Trapper LLD Low Level Dueling trap-fireball
LLD-Traps: [1.3.0][LLD] Cheap effective Low Life Trap Shadow Low life; bear trap
LLD-Tornado Shot: [LLD][WIP] 1.3 Stilgar - Puncture trap, Tornado shot shadow TS + puncture trap
LLD-elemental spells: Lordsidro's 28(LLD) PVP Elemental Caster/Trapper BotW application
LLD-Dual Strike: [LLD, BotW application?] Elemental Crit Dual Strike by lapiz (US STD Season 1 Winner)
LLD-elemental wander: LLD wander: Pavelow
LLD-elemental bow: [LLD 1.3] Elemental Bower by lapiz
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2.0 builds
Ball Lightning: [2.0] Angryaa's beginner's guide to Ball Lightning Shadow. Leveling guide for act 1-4 normal
Ball Lightning: 2.0 - Ball Lightning + Flame Totem Crit / Iron Will, High Damage & Life, Works with Other Spells!
Discharge: [ 2.0 ] Shiro Kenji "No CoC Discharge" Build ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Insane DMG & Not HC Viable. O'RLY? Yes Sir!
Discharge: [2.0] Life based triple curse +max effectiveness with FP and Discharge
Dual attack totems - Kinetic blast: [2.0] 32k tooltip KB physical Point blank totems, CI 11k ES, 96k single target
Dual shockwave totems: 2.0 lvl 94+ Tempest shockwave totem Casualshadowtwentyfourt
Dual spell totems - Freezing pulse : [HC] Opus Dei Wintry Monuments (Self-Flagellation, Freezing Pulse, Totems)
Dual spell totems - Incinerate : [2.0]Fire Incinerate Totems 150K DPS, 19K Tooltip.
Ethereal Knives: [2.0] Critical Ethereal knives 89,7/108,8 DPS
Ethereal Knives: [2.0] Tempada's AAA EK: An Ethereal Knives Guide | 30-60k+ Non-Crit DPS | Affordable | HC Viable
Ethereal Knives: [2.0]CRIT ETHEREAL KNIVES with EB/MOM/ZO (Tempest/HC viable)
Ethereal Knives: [2.0] ETHEREAL KNIVES * ACRO+PACT * DPS 101,5 k basic ** Life 5200 * iZY reflect map
Fireball: [2.0.5] Qwark's Crit Fireball build, great clearspeed and HC viable
Flame Blast: [2.0]The Chaos Mage - Blood Magic Crit Flameblast - Atziri Viable
Freezing Pulse: [2.0] Sire of Shards non-crit Freeze Pulse nova Acro build
Glacial Cascade: [2.0] Crit EvaScade Shadow/Witch | GC / Spell Acro / Double Curse / VP / AA | wip
Glacial Cascade: [2.0] Crit GC tanky 40k+ tooltip
Glacial Cascade: [2.0] Qwark's HC viable Glacial Cascade build, cheap and tanky
Ice Nova: [2.0 update No EB? No problem] SuperNova | whole screen 40-100K DPS | Atziri ez 4 min all boss
Icestorm (whispering ice): Whispering Ice. The reason I went CI after almost 2 years.
Incinerate: Grocery's 160k DPS+ NO REFLECT Chaos Incinerate Build 100% fire to chaos conversion
Magma Orb: Subtronic's Magma Orb guide - CRIT / ACRO + EVA
Shock Nova: 2.0 (warb/temp) - Shock nova - 22k dps in a 4link ( cheap and fun build)
Summoner - SRS: [2.0] SRS Shadow 4 Auras E-R based (Atziri viable) All map mods. [EN/PL]
Vaal Molten Shell - Flicker strike: [2.2] Oro's Bridle build uses Scold's Bridle to self-trigger VMS

Doryani's Fist - Ice Crash: [2.0] The Fist 4 Crash <<Doryani's Fist - Quad Curser - Ice Crash>> 4 curses for support
Dual Strike: [2.0 Medium budget] Life-Based Dual Claw Non-Vaal Pact Build - Bringer of Rain, 70-100k dps, 5k HP
Dual Strike: [2.0] Dual Strike crit shadow using daggers (US/IR)
Facebreaker - Ice Crash: [2.0 BETA] HeaT's Ice Crash Facebreakers Build
Flicker Strike: Amazing (~300k dps) LL BM Flicker (2.0.0)
Flicker Strike: Life based high armor dagger crit flicker
Frost Blades: Tin Foil Hat's Frost Blade Shadow
Frost Blades (oro's sacrifice): [2.0] Oro's Sacrifice Frenzied Frost Blades (feat. 10 Frenzy Charges)
Reave: 2.0 Budget Life based Reave 5l 95k dps minimum!
Reave: [2.0] 二刀流 "Nitōryū" Rapier Crit Reave by fiqst
Reave: [2.0] Dad does Reave
Reave: 1 claw dual wield reave, tanky and great clearspeed [HC] [budget]
Reave: {2.0} Budget Tempest Dagger Reave
Reave: [2.0] - [Super cheap] Reave double claw extravaganza [174k dps update][Atziri viable with video]
Reave: [2.0] Hasty's Bino Reaver - ft. Deeps & Survivabilty
Reave: The Lightning Reaver - affordable, good map clearer elemental build
Reave: [470k no mirrored weapons] DualWield Crit Reave [Life/Dodge based] One of the fastest clearspeeds
Static Strike: [2.0] Ayron's Static Strike Crit-Dagger Shadow
Wild Strike: [2.0] Wild strike / Full elemental version
Wild Strike: Wild strike Build - 1h Shield, endgame viable tons of fun!
Wild Strike: [2.0] 1h Wild Strike Critter aka "Ele Everywhere"!
Wild Strike: [2.0] Synthetic's Duel Wield, Critical, Block, Phys Wild Strike (Bringer of Rainbows)
Wild Strike: Dual Claw Wild Strike / Cyclone Phys Crit [~180k DPS]
Wild Strike: [2.0.4] The Wild One (WINE) - Dual Wield Daggers Crit Wild Strike (Super Budget)

Elemental Bow: 2.0 Crit Ele Tornado Shot/Split Arrow
Elemental Bow: [2.0]Elemental Shotgun[Tornado Shot + GMP]for cheap and effective clear
Explosive Arrow: [2.0] Sando's Necro Explosive Arrow Guide (Cheap)
Explosive Arrow: [2.0] Art is an Explosion Arrow - Awakening end game crit EA
Lightning Arrow (voltaxic rift): [2.0] Voltaxic LA Crit Purple Death Reborn / Fast Clear / No Reflect / HC Viable 30.5k DPS
Split Arrow (voltaxic rift): 2.0 Eruerufu's Reflect dodger - An evasion build featuring Voltaxic Rift and dank memes
Split Arrow (voltaxic rift): [2.0] Cherrubim's Voltaxic Chaos Split-Arrow of Farming #NextGenMovement *ez50k* *Brain AFK*
Tornado Shot: "Exalts Maker" Tornado Shot Phys Crit Build 2.0
Spectral Throw: Physical Spectral Throw ( BANANA SPLIT )
Kinetic Blast: [2.0] Kinetic Blast Wander | Physical and Elemental | HC Viable [BOTW S4E6]
Kinetic Blast: Kinetic Blast Life / warbands easy build with information for endgame build currently top 10 xp
Kinetic Blast: Hasty's Life Based EB MoM GR CoE Wander [2.0.3]
Kinetic Blast - elemental: 2.0 Mathil's Life Crit Ele Kinetic Blaster - Cheap, easy, effective
Kinetic Blast - elemental: DCSuol's BUDGET Ele-KB Wander - 35k dps with <1ex Cost
Kinetic Blast - elemental: [2.0 Tempest] Elemental wander (Kinetic blast)
Kinetic Blast - elemental: Ele Kinetic blast 2.0 100K+ DPS - Vaal Pact 5khp+ Accro/Phase Accro + L.Coil
Kinetic Blast - elemental: [2.0.1] Static Electricity Kinetic Blaster build guide! 52k tool tip with all charges and buffs
Kinetic Blast - elemental: Elemental Wand Totem Crit blast [2.0, cheap, fast clear]

Fire/Lightning Trap: [2.0] Crit Trap : the self found warband "ok" build
CoC: [2.0] Magma CoC KB Wander [WIP] fireball, magma orb
CoC: [2.0 HC] Lepor's low cost, high survivability Fakener. [CoC] cyclone and novas + discharge version
CoC: [2.0] CoC HighBlock Phage ST + magma orb, arctic breath
CoC: [2.0]A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE COC BUILD barrage + fireball, arctic breath
CoC: [2.0] ElectroZombi's HC Kinetic Blast CI Vaal Pact EE CoC Kinetic FireBreather [Tempest/HC] KB + fireball, arctic breath
CoC: [2.0] Tokyo's CoC Hybrid Frostblader. Not a pure coc build; frost blades do significant damage too.
CoC: [2.0 Crit] Zaeo's "Inferno of Elements" CoC CI Wander*Cheap!* KB + fireball, arctic breath
CoC: [2.0] Ryuzaki's LL BM CoC Tank +11k ES + Enfeeble + AA + MS + IC - Ez Atziri/Bosses w/ Video Guides Barrage + fireball, arctic breath
CoC: [Ongoing] Voltaxic Rift COC Purple Stuff Everywhere + No Reflect uses Voltaxic Rift + arc/ball lightning
CoC: Hybrid melee phys dagger EK CoC. Atziri-capable, flexible gearing, can do all map mods Not a pure coc build; molten strike does significant damage too.
CoC discharge: 2.0 Fakener (budget fake Mjölner) build - Uber Atziri viable in 1.3
CoC discharge: [2.0] The WayneTrain© #1 CoC Discharge - Million DPS whole Screen Destroyer - Deathless Uber
CoC discharge: Doe's CastOnCyclone Uber/Atziri Killer 🌟 HCBE ~ HighEnd+Budget&LVLing Guide
CoC discharge: [2.0] The Burning Wind - A bow using self-ignite CoC Discharger - now with Video Update!
CwDT: [2.0.2] Cast when Drinking Potion spell spammer - 20 spells per second with no active skills
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2.1 builds
Ball Lightning: [2.1.0] Poison Balls (Voltaxic Rift 100% Chaos Ball Lightning Caster)
Bladefall: Sherkhan's Bladebender [100k+ Bladefall; cheap and OP, as always]
Bladefall: [Español-English] Crit Bladefall 2.1 Talisman league build.
Bladefall: [2.1.1] Poison Bladefall + double/triple Curse
Bladefall: [2.1] [Talisman SC] Elemental Bladefall with a touch of poison (Evasion + Acro + Phase)
Bladefall: [2.1.0] - Chaos Bladefall Crit Build chaos build with dual Apep's Rage
Bladefall: [2.1] Gilgamesh Build - Bloodmagic Bladefall 3 Curse 1 Aura
Bladefall: BladeWall — A Self-Cast Bladefall/Blade Vortex Experiment
Bladefall: The Rain of Pain - Repentance Iron Will Bladefall - 7 Link - EZ Atziri
Bladefall: Undying Bladefall [vuln village ruin, -max haast, core malachai killed in TSC]
Bladefall: [2.1][HC] NonRipperino's MOST OP Bladefall ! IMMORTAL ! BUDGET ! 28k dps, armor, evasion, block !
Bladefall: [2.1] The Real Unlimited Blade Works - Low-Life Bladefall! 140k Tooltip!
Blade Vortex: [2.1 DoubleTrouble] Aims' Blade Vortex : 150-600K DPS : >5K life Atziri EZ Cheap HC: Yes
Blade Vortex: Self Cast Blade Vortex - Abyssal Cry Build
Blade Vortex: [2.1.0 talisman leagues] Poison Vortex (Blade Vortex) {self-found, HC viable}, Now with more trees
Blade Vortex: [2.1] [SC] Phatman's Crit Poison Blade Vortex w/Cybil's Paw
Blade Vortex: [2.1] 8pM's ChaosSpin - Non-Crit Blade Vortex Chaos-Conversion
Blade Vortex: [2.1] iTTiPoL-Blade Vortex Build : MAX 500k dps sustain50 blades non-crit ,no BM,dual-curse Atziri
Blade Vortex: [2.1] Blade Vortex triple curse - very cheap, much damage, so tanky.. wow
Blade Vortex: "Blade Barrier" build - self-cast Blade Vortex with Quad Curse and Poison
Blade Vortex: [2.1] Apathae's Flicker Poison Blade Vortex
Blade Vortex: [2.1] Flander's Flasky Blade Vortex [Uber capable, cheap]
Detonate Dead: [2.1] petit's Chaos Detonate Dead ~ Cheap and Easy 1 One hit KO Packs / Bosses 100% chaos conversion
Dual Totem - Spark: [2.1] Voltaxic Rift Crit Poison Spark Totems - Safe and potent for high lvl maps with all mods
Essence Drain: [2.1] Yalani's Aegis Aurora Abyssal Cry Build - Oneshots every pack! uses Abyssal Cry instead of Contagion for aoe damage
Essence Drain: 2.1 Conta/Ess Drain = The Purple Puragu : cheap and effective Atziri killer/mapper (SC/HC)
Essence Drain: 2.1 Chaos DoT Trapper/Caster Hybrid (Contagion,Essence Drain,Bladefall)
Essence Drain: [2.1 Talisman] Tri-curse Essence drain/Contagion, budget build - gameplay videos
Essence Drain: [2.1] Death's Kiss, an Essence Drain and Contagion full build and leveling guide
Essence Drain: [2.1.1]Contagious Combustion: The Beginner's Secret to Infinite Mana
Essence Drain: [2.1] Deadly Toxins 17k DoT - ED + Abyssal Cry [Video+Pics][Atziri Viable] [Beginner-Endgame]
Ethereal Knives: [2.1] Acrobatic Knives - Ctri EK/Phase Acro/VP, Talisman skill tree updated
Ethereal Knives: 2.1 Crit EK Shadow using EB/MoM/ZO (HC Viable)
Fireball: [2.1.0] Rolling Flames Fireball - 230% AoE Explosions
Fireball: [2.1][hc/sc][cheap/atziri with only a 4link][insane aoe][ +100k dps] [fast clear][tutorial video]
Firestorm: Azmodael's Rain of Chaos build (11k+ EHP 800k+ boss DPS) 100% chaos conversion
Firestorm: [Talisman] - Poisonstormer: 7k effective HP, GR/VP, Chaos Firestorm, Crits - Tanky Spellcaster 100% chaos conversion
Firestorm: [2.1.0] Self Cast Crit Poisonstorm (100% Chaos Firestorm) 100% chaos conversion
Flameblast: [2.1]The Chaos Mage - Blood Magic Crit Flameblast - Atziri Viable 100% chaos conversion
Flameblast: LAMEBLAST IS BACK 100% Chaos Conversion EZ Atziris[Videos Up!][UBER DOWN][STREAM ONLINE] 100% chaos conversion
Flameblast: [2.1] HC Hybrid Machinegun Chaos Flameblast Prolif 100% chaos conversion
Flame Surge: [2.1]Close Combat Mage: FS with +160k dmg - Atziri viable
Freezing Pulse: [2.1 Talisman] Noaphiel's Conversion Pulse - AtziriViable - Cheap chaos conversion
Freezing Pulse: [2.1] Space's 120k gmp dps Crit Chaos Freezing Pulse (BM/EB/MOM/VP/US) chaos conversion
Freezing Pulse: [2.1] [SC/HC] Crit Acrobatics Freeze Pulser
Freezing Pulse: [2.1] Crit Freezing Pulse /Insane Damage ~82k dps /w GMP - New Year New Build
Generic lightning spells: [2.1][HC] Bitterdreamer - tanky crit caster
Glacial Cascade: [2.1] Qwark's HC viable Glacial Cascade build, cheap and tanky
Magma Orb: [2.1 Video Guide] Crit Magma Orb Guide - Dropping Bombs!
Magma Orb: Poison balls of destruction, chaos magma orb! [budget/atziri/fun/cheap] 100% chaos conversion
Shock Nova: [2.1] Qwark's Shock nova build - Cheap, High DPS, HC viable
Storm Call: [2.2] Detailed very cheap CI storm call (working in 2.1 as well)
Spark: Templer10's Guide To The 7 link - Chaos/poison Spark – 237k DPS - Overpowered and fun chaos conversion with Voltaxic

Cyclone: [2.0.2] Leth's Hyaon's RT Lightning Cycloner | Atziri Viable | Detailed Guide elemental build
Dual Strike: [2.1 Medium budget] Life-Based Dual Claw Non-Vaal Pact - BoR, 100-140k dps, 5k HP, Atziri Viable
Dual Strike: [2.1] Dual Strike crit shadow using daggers (IR/Heart of Oak)
Dual Strike: Path Of Exile 90lvl Build Poison Assassin Shadow 2.1.0 uses poison support gem
Dual Strike: Path Of Exile 90lvl Build Shadow of Death 2.1.1
Flicker Strike: (2.1)CI, Dual Curse,Eva/ES Hybrid Flicker Strike 540k+DPS
Flicker Strike: [2.1] Omnislasher - Flicker Strike NUKE | 1.2mil+ AoE DPS | UBER Atziri
Flicker Strike: [2.1.x][SC] Chuck Norris flicker striker
Lightning Strike: [2.1 Talisman] Budget Lightning Strike Build, 85k DPS, Tanky, Insane Clear Speed
Lightning Strike: Vinktar's Undying Shadow
Reave: [2.1] Guide for Life based Crit Dagger Reave
Reave: [2.1] King’s Immortal Reaver - Crit Bino's + Max block Aegis +115k dps
Reave: [2.1] - [Super cheap] Reave double claw extravaganza [174k dps update][Atziri viable with video]
Reave: 2.1 Mao's Tanky Aegis Crit(up to 300k dps, block cap 85 90 85 resists)
Reave: [2.1] CI, Crit-Reave Shadow: 112-322k DPS - No mirror
Reave: [2.1] Amazing Crit Reave Dagger - Life/Ev/Dodge - DPS/Survivability 700k DPS/5.5k Life - In Depth
Reave: [2.1]Flexible and Edgy Crit Dagger Reave
Reave: [2.1]God of AOE [Dagger reaver] (Duelist\ranger\shadow)
Viper Strike/Reave: Kingshaunter's 568k dps Crit Viper striker!-Reave for AOE 2.1
Viper Strike: [2.1] Viper Melee Splash 200k unbuffed (Forget Reave) - Dual Wield Platinum Kris & St [Uber viable]
Viper Strike: 2.1 Viper Strike Build Fast, Fun and Cheap to Start [Video Guide]
Viper Strike: Crit DW Viper Strike - Bino's + Death's - 3-4ex Budget
Wild Strike: [2.1] Kuraku's Wild Strike DW Crit Dagger Shadow
Wild Strike: [2.1] The Wild One (WINE) - Dual Wield Daggers Crit Wild Strike (Super Budget)
Wild Strike: 2.1 Updated Wild Strike! Life/crit dagger.
Wild Strike: 2.1 Bino Wild Strike Poison build --> 75K DPS- updated
Wild Strike: [2.1] The versatile Shadow: Dual Claw, Wildstrike, Blasphemy
Wild Strike: [2.1] Chaos Wild Strike (Tank - Block, Armour, Evasion) uses weapons with added chaos mod

Barrage (voltaxic rift): [Work in progress ] [2.1] Voltaxic Poisonous Quills (Poisonous Volley Fire) chaos damage build
Blast Rain: [2.1] Blast Avatar, Crit Pure Fire Blast Rain, VP version, 22K x4hits, Ref-Proof
Caustic Arrow: [2.1.0 Talisman] Grocery's Caustic Arrow/Poison Arrow Shadow! HC Viable!
Caustic Arrow: [2.1]Belton's In Depth Hidden Potential Caustic Arrow Guide. 35k+Tooltip DPS Atziri/Ubers/HC Viable
Caustic Arrow: [2.1] [SC] kr0nnnn's Solo Map MF Caustic Arrow Shadow (IR) 270/30
Elemental Bow: [2.1] King's Divine Archer - Insanely fast clearer - Windripper / Ele bow Windripper with split arrow/frenzy
Explosive Arrow: [2.1] Tanky CI EA, atziri viable
Tornado Shot/Frenzy/Puncture: [2.1] Grocery's 400k+ DPS Puncture/Frenzy Tornado Shot Physical Bow Build!
Tornado Shot: [2.1.] 300% IIR 35%+ IIQ Easy Mode Ele Bow Magic Finder
Spectral Throw: [2.1] Hyaon's Fury Spectral Throw || Non-Crit, 20k DPS with Lightning Pen, Budget, Insane Defences
Spectral Throw: (2.1) Captain Jack Special - Bleed/Poison ST DoT Shadow (HC)
Spectral Throw: [Thousand Swords] 2.1 Phys-Crit Sword Spectral Throw || Budget, Tank, High DPS
Spectral Throw: [2.1]pervert lv83 crit elemental phys spectral trow 12k video demo
Kinetic Blast: [2.1] Life based EB CoE Wander | 70k GMP Chain DPS, 175K Frenzy & 4.4k life with Coil

Arc mine: [2.1] Tremor Arc Crit Saboteur (TACS) - 12k PER mine - Can kill Atziri, surprisingly
Bear Trap: [2.1.0] - Bear trap bino's proliferation
Bear Trap/Bladefall trap/EK trap: [2.1] (WIP) cha_siu_bao's Crit Physical Trapper
Bladefall Trap: [2.1] Airstrike Inbound - Shadow (almost-crit) Bladefall Trapper
Bladefall Trap: 2.1 HC: EB/MoM/ZO Bladefall Poison Trapper (3c Startup Cost)
Bladefall Trap: CI Poison Bladefall trapper - 11k+ ES/65%Evasion/66% Block - Uber/t15 map viable
Bladefall/Bear Trap: 2.1 Bladefall trapper builds, by 7thDayTheory | From self-found to Atziri | No budget required
Bladefall/Bear Trap: Pohx's Poison Trapper. 6k+ HP HC Map Viable
Detonate Dead: [2.1.x Talisman] Detonate Dead Elemental Proliferation Trap, Damage Cap Achieved
Fire Nova Mine: [2.1] Proximi's Double Curse Fire Nova Mine Build, EndGame/Atziri Viable, 200k AOE, 350k Single
Fire Nova Mine: EvolveEH's Chaos Fire Nova Mine Build
Fire Nova Mine: [2.1] Hipster Nova Mine or the Call of Cthulhu
Firestorm Trap: [2.1] Trap Poisonstorm - (Insane damage, Easy budget Atziri, all mapmods, 100% Chaos Firestorm)
Fire/Lightning/Cold Snap Trap: [2.1 HC] Guide for Tri-Ele EE MoM/EB Crit Trapper
Fire/Ice Nova/Ball Lightning Trap: [2.1.0] Sando's Crit Trap 2curse
Fire/Cold Snap/Shock Nova Trap: [2.1] Tri-Element Equilibrium Crit Trapper
Freezing Pulse Mine: [2.1][HC] Freeze Pulse Miner
Lightning trap: [2.1] BDY's Hardcore Sire of Shards Lighting Trapper Guide- Fast Clearing Build
CoC: [2.1] Dariidar's CoC & Balls – Magma Orb knockback build guide ball lightning, magma orb
CoC: [2.1] The CoCSnapper - A Cast on Crit Cold Snap build Cold Snap
CoC: [2.1.0 Talisman] From the shadows I strike! (CoC - Bladefall - EK) Bladefall + EK
CoC: [2.1.0] Gryphenprey's Dual Curse CoC EK/BF Cyclone! Bladefall + EK
CoC: [2.1] Black Hole - Vortex Pulling Coc, budget, good clear! Blade Vortex + Bladefall
CoC: [2.1.0 Talisman] Barrage Volley fire COC Bladefall SC/HC Bladefall
CoC: 2.1 Phys Barrage CoC Bladefall + Arc
CoC: [2.1] TankyTwirl - PhysSpell CoC Cyclone [Atziri viable + Video] Bladefall + EK
CoC: [Talisman] - CoC Poison Prolif Cyclone - 4k/sec+ Life Regen, Dual Curse Aura, Max Crit, MF Bladefall
CoC: [2.1] Malibu's CoC - Let's Get Physical Bladefall + EK
CoC: [2.1] Call for Bombs (ele Blast Rain CoC with Windripper) Arc + BL + Storm Call
CoC: 2.1 Waves of Cold *Barrage CoC - Freezing Pulse Build* Fast Clear Freezing Pulse
CoC: [2.1] Brentorg's Nutter Discharger Build (Wand CoC) TOP DPS Discharge
CoC: 2.1 Fakener (budget fake Mjölner) build Discharge
CoC: [2.1] Rowan's Cyclone CoC Discharge. Tanky, High Damage and Detailed Guide (Even Budget) Discharge
Comk: ThunderPunch - Doryani's Fist CoMK (on a tight budget) unarmed with Doryani's Fist

2.2/2.3 Outdated trigger builds

SAB Lightning Arrow mines: [HC/SC] Miner Lightning Arrow + Frost Wall Abuse [Critical]

ASS/TRI CoC: [2.3] TankyTwirl - PhysSpell CoC Cyclone [Atziri viable + Video] Bladefall, EK
TRI CoC: [2.2] [HC] Malibu's CoC - Let's Get Physical [Best Build Ever? Click(bait) to find out!] Bladefall, EK
ASS CoC: 2.2 [ASS] I have special eyes. ~ A 2Handed CoC Flickin' Build ~ Unlimited Blade Works. Flicker strike + Blade Vortex, Bladefall
TRI CoC: [2.2] Low Life Cyclone CoC Trickster Arc, Bladefall, Firestorm
ASS CoC: [2.3 Ready!] Lioneye's Avalanche - All Map Mods - budget 900k+ REAL SingleTarget DPS - 1:36 Gorge! Lioneye's + Bladefall, GlacialCascade, Arc
TRI CoC: Spinning Monkey God - A Tankier CoC Build (ES/Eva/Life, HC Viable) staff + shock nove, ice nova
ASS CoC: [2.2] Lightning CoC Dual Curse Quillrain/Voltaxic - Crazy DPS, "all" map mods, T12+/Atziri solo lightning spells
ASS CoC: [2.2] Dual Void Battery Physical CoC Assassin (600k w/o flasks, capped crit under enfeeble) Bladefall, Glacial Cascade
ASS CoC: 2.2 Assassin CoCSlam *STANDARD ONLY (Legacy required) groundslam
ASS CoC: 2.2 Assasin COC Ground Slam 95%Crit & Spell Crit 24/3 Updated groundslam + EK, Bladefall, Arc
ASS CoC: [2.2/Assa] The Noxious Clone - Phys CoC Cyclone - Poison & up to 110%phys as extra Chaos dmg EK, Bladefall, Glacial Cascade
ASS CoC: [2.2][ASS][Hipster Build] CoC Ligthning Warp - Assassin going crazy Lightning warp
TRI CoC: [2.2] LL Trickster CoC Cyclone - Bladefall, Shock Nova (or any other spells) - 9k ES, 40k Eva Bladefall, Shock Nova
ASS CoC: [2.2] Nokternl's Forever Flicker CoC Boom Build Bladefall, Blade Vortex
TRI CoC: [2.2] Whaitiri's Goddess Unleashed Phys-CoC Trickster Goddess Unleashed + Bladefall, EK
ASS CoC: [2.2] Taming of the CoC Sucker (Taming/Emberwake, Cyclone CoC Blade Vortex Ele Prolif Empires Grasp Prismatic Eclipse + BV
TRI CoC: [2.3] SHIELD CHARGE CoC CI Poison Bladefall - End Game Viable - Tower of Destruction Shield Charge + Bladefall
ASS CoC: [2.3] (NEW) LL Chaos/Poison CoC VorCadeNova, Uber Rekt, Millions of DPS! (With Videos) Vortex, Glacial Cascade, Ice Nova
ASS CoC: [2.3] Pretty-Critty-Bang-Bang CoC AOE Lacerate w totem buddy Bladefall, Glacial Cascade
ASS CoC: [2.3] Surprise Meatgrinder - Assassin - Flicker CoChaos Blade Vortex/Bladefall Bladefall, BV
ASS CoC: [2.3] CoCicle VorCade 7-Link, 100% KnockBack, 100% Crit, Millions of DPS! (With Videos) uses Whispering Ice + vortex
TRI CoC: [2.3] Physical CoC Trickster, Clear Maps at 279% Movespeed with 95% Evade Chance Bladefall, BV, EK
-----CoC with QUILL RAIN
ASS CoC: [2.2] Wurpo's quill rain + cast on crit build (now with blast rain)Arc, Cold Snap, Bladefall
ASS CoC: [2.3 Video Guide] CoC, Quill Rain, INSANE DPS Assassin [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]EK, Spark
ASS CoC: [2.2]Kinni's Assasin CoC Quill Rain [Atziri down]FP, Fireball, Arc
ASS CoC: [2.2] Assassin quill rain coc + physical + emberwake + taming = double dipping poison in 300 ignites Bladefall, BV
ASS CoC: [2.3] Streaky's AoE CoC Storm Call - Makes your Screen sparkly :) Storm Call, Glacial Cascade
ASS CoC: [2.3] Cast on Critical Rain (Another CoC Quill Rain build) EK, Spark
ASS CoC: [2.3] AlfaPOWA's Machinegun "Lightningdaggers" V1.0-=|400K+ single/aoe|=- EK, Spark
ASS CoC: CoC Quill Rain EK only - 80% of damage as poison damage EK
ASS CoC: [2.2] Brentorg's Nutter Discharger Build (Wand CoC) TOP DPS
ASS/TRI CoC: [2.2] Rowan's Cyclone CoC Discharge-Tanky, High Damage, Life Based (Even Budget)
ASS CoC: [2.2] CoC Discharge with The Harvest (Video Added)
TRI CoC: [2.3 Video Guide] CoC Cyclone Discharge Trickster! HC/Level 100 Viable!
TRI CoC: [HC] Video 2.2 CoC discharge trickster fast clear CI 11k+ ES 80% fire res 81% light res 4 auras
TRI CoC: [2.2 PHC] The current state of CoC Discharge
TRI CoC: [Hardcore viable] Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster 2.3.0

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builds 2.2-2.4

ASS – Assassin
SAB – Saboteur
TRI - Trickster

ASS Arc: [2.2][ASS] The Limit Breaker - Exessive Crit (1000 Multiplier) Caster Build by Miacis
ASS Ball Lightning: [2.2] Ascendancy - Ball Lightning - Staff Crit - CI - atziri viable - fast map clear
ASS Bladefall: Sherkhan's Bladebender [100k+ Bladefall; cheap and OP, as always]
ASS Bladefall: Undying Bladefall [2.2 Update]
ASS Bladefall: [2.2.] Very cheap, very strong - Chaos bladefall uses Apep's Rage
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4 essence league] Poison Vortex (Blade Vortex)
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] zSavage's Poison Hurricane (Crit Poison BV)[Budget Friendly][Assassin]
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] Greedy Roomba - MF Blade Vortex Assassin (63/329) - Atziri Viable - Solo T10+ (37/40) [Videos]
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.2]The Circle of Gore - Assassin Crit Blade Vortex staff!
TRI Blade Vortex: [2.2] Stoya's CI Trickster Blade Vortex Shadow ! HC viable
TRI Blade Vortex: [HC/SC] [20 Blades] 2.4.0 Tankster Blade Vortex MoM Poison [crit/non crit] [Atziri Farm with 4L]
ASS Blade Vortex: (2.3) Belton's CI Cospri's Tri Curse Blade Vortex Poison Assassin. WIP
TRI Blade Vortex: [2.3] LL Blade Vortex Trickster - Great DPS, Tanky, Fun!
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.3] The Charge Harvester Blade Vortex Assassin with budget version [MoM][Poison]
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4 Video Guide] Assassin Blade Vortex End-Game Build & Uber Farmer! [HC/SC]
ASS Blade Vortex: 2.4 Blade Vortex - essence league (Crit CI Assassin - HC/Shaper Viable -- Faceroll content)
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] World's #1 BladeVortex Damage Build , Shaper/Uber Deletion, Millions of DPS (with Videos)
TRI Blade Vortex: [2.4]TRI Cheap CI Ephemeral Edge Blade Vortex
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] vB_Bv CI done right by Rico
ASS Detonate Dead: [2.4] Detonate Dead CI Assassin, Detonate Dead isn't dead
ASS Discharge: [2.2] Kripp's Assassin self-cast Discharge (Dual curse 100+k DPS, ES/Life Hybrid)
ASS Dual Totem - Bladefall: [2.2] [HC] Billy's budget bladefall brotems 29k/totem
ASS Dual Totem - Bladefall: [2.2] Rohak's Crit Dual Bladefall Totem
ASS Dual Totem - Flameblast: [2.4] Totems of DOOM (Dual Crit Flameblast totems)
TRI Essence Drain: [2.3 Trickster] 17k+ DoT - ED + Abyssal Cry [Start-Atziri / 2.1 Videos -T12 Village + Atziri]
TRI Essence Drain: [2.2] Yalani's Aegis Aurora Essence Drain/Abyssal Cry Build uses Abyssal Cry instead of Contagion for aoe damage
TRI Essence Drain: [2.4] Death's Kiss, a Trickster Essence Drain/Contagion full build and leveling guide
TRI Essence Drain: 2.2 Eluminator's Essence Drain & Contaigon Trickster with Righteous Fire!
TRI Essence Drain: [2.3 Video Guide] LOW BUDGET Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]
TRI Essence Drain: [2.2] Chaos Trickster - Essence Drain Trickster - MoM/Flasks/Block [HC viable]
TRI Essence Drain: [2.4] The Master of Agony - CI / ZO + Tri-Curse Essence Drain / Contagion Trickster
TRI Essence Drain: [2.3] Temporal Drain - The ultimate ED / Contagion build (budget)
TRI Essence Drain: [2.4] Essence Drain Build Options
TRI Essence Drain: 2.4 Trickster Essence Drain Progression, no whirling blades. Life to CI to LL
TRI Essence Drain: (2.4) Essence drain shadow, trickster Hybrid (Budget friendly SC/HC Atziri red map viable)
TRI Essence Drain: 2.4 LL 26/20 Essence Drain Decay Bow build. Shaper/Uber Atziri/Anything farmer
ASS Ethereal Knives: [2.2] Acrobatic Knives - Assassin - Ctri EK/MoM/Phase Acro/VP, Ascendancy skill tree updated
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.2] Roth's Knives - 30k+ EK DPS Trickster ( 14k EV | 45/51 Dodge ) [Budget friendly: 40c start] uses Roth's Reach bow
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.2][Trickster] Venu's Budget Low Life Evasive Caster (Trickster, Crit, Evasion,ES, Low Life, EK)
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.3] (Trickster) Ethereal Knives MF Build. 8.5k ES, 150k DPS, 200+ IIR, 43 IIQ, Triple Blasphemy
TRI Ethereal Knives: Innsbury EK Chaos Poison,Cheap, Fun,deadly, any map..Trickster
TRI Ethereal Knives: Ethereal Knives Trickster [2.3] Atziri Destroyer 10-15ex build Max Evasion, Max Dodge + Block
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.4] LL Ephemeral Edge EK 175K dps without charges
ASS Fireball: [2.2][hc/sc][cheap/atziri with only a 4link][insane aoe][ +100k dps] [fast clear][tutorial video]
ASS Flameblast: 2.2 Assassin 100% Crit Flameblast Prolif
ASS Flameblast/Vaal RF: [2.4] Crit Flameblast / Vaal RF Assassin (HC) - NO BS 11.6 MILLION One Shot Damage on a 3-Link
ASS Flameblast/Vaal RF: [2.4] CI Assassin Crit Flameblast + Vaal Righteous Fire (Shaper viable! w/ video)
ASS Frostbolt: [2.4] Assassin LL Frostbolt Spellcaster
ASS Heralds: [2.2] The Storm Herald (crit thunder/ice heralds) easy maps! Heralds as main damage source
ASS Heralds: [2.4] Wormageddon (crit Herald of ice) Herald of Ice as main damage source
TRI Ice Nova: [2.2] The Pizza Nova - Ignite Ice Nova/Flameblast Trickster Build Guide fire conversion
TRI Ice Nova: [2.3] The Eraser - An Ice Nova Build - 200k+ dps & amazingly fast clear speed
ASS Ice Spear: [2.2] Assassin - Ice spear - Atziri viable
ASS Icestorm (whispering ice): The Whispering ice crit build Hardcore Perandus
ASS Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.4] Crit Whispering Ice Assassin [SC/HC Viable]
TRI Magma Orb: [2.4][Trickster] Burning Legion Magma Orb build !
ASS Magma Orb: [2.4] [SC/HC] Lazy's Orb Build - Assassin Ele Prolif Magma Orb with Vaal RF and MoM [Build for lazy]
ASS Shock Nova: [2.4] [Assassin] Qwark's Shock nova build - Cheap, Very high DPS, HC viable, 7,5k+ EHP.
ASS Shockwave Totem: 2.2 Crit Shockwave Totem Assassin - 625k+ DPS - Ez Atziri/All Maps
ASS Spark: [2.2] Sparkssassian 380k DPS - Insane self cast sparker (WIP)
TRI Spark: [2.2]The Sparkster - Lowlife Spark Trickster - 75/69+ Block 9k+ES
TRI Spark: Low life Void Battery 7 aura crit FrezzeSporker. Dr.Freeze)) 200+ k dps, insane clearspeed!!
TRI Storm Call: [2.2] Detailed very cheap CI storm call
SAB Summoner: [2.2] Boulz's Secret Build: The Cult Leader. (Minion Instability) exploding zombies with minion instability
ASS Vortex/Frost Bolt: 2.4 Kudo's Max Crit/full Crit Vortex/FrostBolt build [Assassin][budget friendly][now with 2.4 guide]

ASS Ancestral Warchief Totems: Dual curse, dual Ancestral Warchief CI Assassin
ASS Ancestral Warchief Totems: [2.4][Assassin]Dual DoT Kondo's Pride Crit Ancestal Warchief [HC/SC] Atziri/Uber lab/T15 viable
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4.3] Best BladeFlurry End-Game Build? 100% Crit, Poison/Bleed, Uber/Shaper Deletion (with Videos)
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4] Life based Scourge Blade Flurry(Shaper down, moved from original post)
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4.3b] CI Dual Curse Crit DoT BF Assassin!
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4.3] Everyday Normal Casual Assassin CI Blade Flurry
TRI Cyclone: [2.2] Crit Elemental Cyclone "ElCyTrick" | 240k+ dps | 15k eva | relatively cheap
ASS Dual Strike: [2.3] Dual Strike crit shadow using daggers (IR/Heart of Oak)
ASS Dual Strike: Return of the Dead End King ( Vaal Pact Dual Claw 2.2 BOTW S: 2 EP: 9 )
ASS Dual Strike: [2.4] Say_Ten's Melee Shadow - Murder Everything Cheaply
ASS Earthquake: WIP [2.2] Assasin Crit Pillar EQ - The shatterquaker! Cheap and end-game viable! uses Pillar of the Caged God
ASS Earthquake: Assassin 2.2.0 - Varun-assass-quake (Varunastra/Earthquake/CI) - 90%+ crit @ 444% multi' w/videos
ASS Earthquake: [2.3] Hegemony's Era & Voidheart Crit Earthquake Assassin
ASS Earthquake: [2.3] (Prophecy) Poison Prolif Earthsplosion! A Dual Wield Earthquake Build (Uber Lab Farmer)
ASS Earthquake: [2.4] CRIT STAFF DoT Earthquake Assassin: "MiasmaQuake" Over 1m DPS / 0.38s Duration / VIDEOS UP!
ASS Earthquake: CI EQ Dual-Curse Assassin Faux-Tank (w/ Varunastra)
TRI Flicker Strike: (2.4) CI, Dual Curse, 10k+ ES/49%Evade Hybrid Flicker Strike 1mill+ DPS Trickster
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.2] Omnislasher - Flicker Strike NUKE | 1.3mil+ AoE DPS/ 10k ES+73% Block | UBER | Core FACETANK
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.2] Assassin Flicker Guide - Low/Medium Budget - Life Based
ASS Flicker Strike: The Mojocopter --> Crit Oro's Flicker ele build with Oro's
TRI Flicker Strike: [2.3] Souleater flicker massive clouder - strange and fun build (with video!)
TRI Flicker Strike: KimiiG's Low Life Flicker 2.2 Perandus. 4 Aura, double Curse 640k+ DPS
TRI Flicker Strike: [2.2] CI Oro's Flicker Strike Trickster
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.4] Artificially inflated: 5M+ DPS Flicker, 2h/1h variants, poison 100% crit, with Cospri's Will
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.4] Oro's Crit Flicker Assassin - 200k-300k dps, dual curse, 6k+ hp, Acro, uber lab viable
TRI Flicker Strike: [2.3] |TRI| Poor man's flicker strike
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.4] "Flitzker" Assassin Pure Lightning Flicker (acrobatics, cheap, fast clear, uber lab viable)
TRI Frost Blades: [2.2] Why Life/ES hybrids are so strong yet noone knows that - Frost Blades example
ASS Frost Blades: [2.2] DEEP FREEZE - Frostblade Crit Assassin - Dual curse - (Video)
ASS Lacerate: [2.3]Ax's Chaos Lacerate-Sword/Claw Assassin.
ASS Lacerate: AsStarforge 2H Crit Lacerate 2.4
TRI Reave: Soul Reaver Reave CI crit shadow Updated 2.4!! TRICKSTER 750k dps
ASS Reave: [2.2] Guide for Life based Crit Dagger Reave
TRI Reave: [2.4] Trickster CI, Crit-Reave - Peaks @ 1.68mil dps, 12.6k ES | Building 6% leech for Shaper
ASS Reave: [2.2] "Bill the Butcher" DW Crit Reave Assassin by fiqst
ASS Reave: [2.3] Scaeva Southpaw Assassin | (Atziri/Uber-Izaro/Core)
ASS Reave: [2.3.0][Assassin] TheBockwursts Voidheart DOT Reaver [+300kDPS/massiveDOT/Acro&Phase]
TRI Shield Charge: [2.4] How to break Faces (CI Trickster crit Facebreaker Shield Charge build)
ASS Sunder: [2.2 Assassin] Crit Varunastra - Atziri/HC Viable - Budget
ASS Sunder: [2.4] - The slammer - Crit CI Sunder Assassin
TRI Unarmed (Doryani's Fist)/CoMK: Doryani's Fist Shock Nova || Tanky + Insane Clear Speed
ASS Viper Strike/Reave: Kingshaunter's 568k dps Crit Viper striker Assassin!-Reave for AOE 2.2 UBER BUILD
ASS Viper Strike: 2.2 Viper Strike Build Fast, Fun and Cheap to Start [Video Guide]
ASS Viper Strike: [2.2] Assassin Viper Strike
ASS Viper Strike: [2.3] Chaos Oriented Viper Strike/Abyssal Cry Build [Dirt CHEAP]
ASS Viper Strike: [2.4] Crit DW Viper Strike - Pre-nerf Core Viable, Ms of DPS
ASS Wild Strike: [2.2] The versatile Assasin: Dual Claw, Wildstrike, Blasphemy

ASS generic: Headhunter on a budget - Emperors headhunting Assassin headhunter effect with several inspired learning jewels
ASS Barrage: Orion - the hunter - a god with the bow - cheap, insane DPS, fun as hell - uber everything down
SAB Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.2] Blink / Mirror Arrow Summoner - Saboteur Uses traps
TRI Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.4 Trickster] Mirror Arrow Summoner/Trapper! Me and my 30 Friends HC/SC [Video Guide] Uses traps
TRI Caustic Arrow: [2.2 Trickster] Grocery's Caustic Arrow Trickster Shadow! HC Viable!
TRI Caustic Arrow: [2.3] [HC] Caustic Arrow Trickster [Kintsugi/Phase/Acro] [Atziri/UberLab viable]
TRI Caustic Arrow: Caustic Arrow Build On Magic items HC
TRI Caustic Arrow: [2.4]Caustic Arrow - Hydra - EVA / LIFE - Cheap & Newbie friendly - Ranger/Duelist/Scion
ASS Ice Shot: [2.2] Chin Sol, Herald of Ash Railgun
ASS Lightning Arrow: [2.4]Solas's Slivertongue Bow Crit DoT Assassin Build (WIP)
ASS Lightning Arrow: [2.4SC/HC][Videos]King of the Forest(Crit): Top Tier Archer. 6K+ Life,Uber Atziri,Guardians&Shaper!
ASS Puncture: [2.2] Puncture build - "Bloodseeker" by ad1ce (Rank 11 PHC League)
TRI Rain of Arrows: [2.2] CI Rain of Arrows Trickster - DMG Conversion (WIP)
ASS Rain of Arrows/Puncture: [2.2] Bleed Poison Master
ASS Siege Ballista: [2.2] Kenzorz's Crit DoT 5-Ballistae Iron Commander
ASS Siege Ballista: [2.2] Xedralya's Lightning Commander / 200k+ DPS Max-Crit Quad-Totem Ele Ballista!
ASS Siege Ballista: [PSC 2.2] Crit Bow Assassin + Siege Ballista [Video + Pics]
ASS Siege Ballista: [2.4] Ballistopheles : 5 Poison Siege Ballistae with Iron Commander [Atziri and Uzaro Farm + 3/4]
ASS Split Arrow: [2.3 ASS SC] Council Spine Madness, 1 click packs & bosses (12 projectiles 1mio dps bleed poison)
ASS Split Arrow: [2.3][Assassin]Cheapest 100k+ dps Split Arrow Build Ever
ASS Tornado Shot/Frenzy: [2.2 WIP] Grocery's 400k+ DPS Frenzy Tornado Shot Physical Bow Build!
ASS Tornado Shot: [2.3][Assassin] TheAmigoReach! Reach of the Council Insane DPS Poison Tornadoshot! -Easy Uber Lab!
ASS Tornado Shot: [2.3] LL Crit Reach Of The Ass (Millions Of DPS, Atziri Viable, With Videos)
ASS Tornado Shot: PHC Boisoner - TS Reach Assassin. Abusing poison with a fat belly [Detailed. Multiple variations]
ASS Spectral Throw: Crit Ele Buzzsaw // Elemental Crit ST /80k+ Gmp DPS Atziri Facerolling
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.2] Crit Elemental Spectral Throw, Dual Wield Hyaon's Furry - CHEAPASS ASSASSIN
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.2 with Video]/(Budget)/One Hand Bino's Spectral Throw Asssasin.| 40k DPS GMP
ASS Spectral Throw: The Complete Life Based Elemental Spec Throw Guide (2.2)
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.3.1] PSC DW Crit Dreamfeather chaos Buzzsaw, Uber Atziri Farmer
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.4] The Rabid Rhoa Spectral Thrower uses malicious gemini claws
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.4] zSavage Unleashes the Goddess! (Assassin TGU ST) uses The Goddess Unleashed
-----WANDS (Frost wall no longer works with own projectiles in 2.4!)
TRI Kinetic Blast: [2.2] Crit Ele Wander - Kinetic Blast - Hybrid Life/ES/Evasion Trickster
ASS Kinetic Blast: [2.3] Chaos Wander Assassin - Fast clear, tanky, boss nuke, ALL map mods

ASS Arc mine: [2.2] Mine Arc Diamond Shrine (MADS) - 45k+ PER cast, Atziri Viable. LL available 72k+ cast
ASS Arc mine: [HC Assassin] 2.4 Arc Miner build - Fast Clear + Very Low Budget!
SAB Arc mine: [2.4] Blue Screen of Death: Arc Tremor Rod Trapper. HC viable. Cheap. Lots of Arcs
ASS Arc mine: [2.4] Sorith's Arc Miner Shadow [Crit/Eva/Dodge] [Budget friendly & nice clear speed]
ASS Arc mine: [2.4] [ASS] CI Arc crit miner
SAB Arctic Breath mine: Loate's Nuclear Winter Build (2.3) (Arctic Breath - Remote Mine - Sire of Shards)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.4] CI Bladefall Trapper - High tier mapping - EV/ES/Block - Updating for 2.4.
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.2] In depth poison trapper guide, Uber viable.
ASS Bladefall Trap: Life based crit poison bladefall trapper (2.2 Ascendancy)INSANE DMG
SAB Bladefall Trap: [HC] Video 2.2 Bladefall poison trapper saboteur atziri/high maps 6,5k life + evasion acrobatics
TRI Bladefall Trap: [2.2]Shadow - Trap Bladefall + Poison (Cheap build & Easy Atziri Deathless)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.2] Lockjaw Carpet Bomber (Budget Bladefall/Bear Trapper, T14 Twin/Atziri EZ-PZ)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [PoE 2.4: Prophecy]Shadow - Trap Bladefall - Uber Atziri Down (Cheap version with Tabula Rasa)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.3] Shppy's "Prismfall" - Bow trapper/miner with Prism and Reach. Oneshotting Uber Izaro!
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.4] LL Trap Bladefall 2 curses 2 auras (8k es 45k dmg 66% block!)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.4/5] The Critfall Trapper | Life/CI/LL | Insane 2M+ DPS (Uber / Uber Lab) |
SAB Blast Rain Trap: [2.2] RogueOne's Blast Rain Trapper
SAB Blast Rain Trap: [2.4] Crit Chin Sol BR Traps - T15/Atziri/Uber Lab/Pale Court on 25c budget! Uber Atziri on 6-L
SAB Blast Rain mines: [HC/SC] Miner Blast Rain with Doomfletch's Prism [Critical]
SAB Detonate Dead: [2.3] Detonate Dead Elemental Proliferation Trap, Massive damage 1mil+
SAB Fireball Mine: [2.4] Dragon's Breath Fireball*154 +368%AoE Miner
SAB/ASS Fire Nova Mine: [Build 2.2] Crazy Miner's Fire Nova Mines
SAB Fire Nova Mine: [2.2] Tactical Decision Summon... err Saboteur - Pure Fire Dmg Fire Nova Miner - SSF HC Atz Viable
SAB Firestorm Trap: [2.4] The Shaper Deletion Build, Shaper/Uber Down, Millions of DPS (with Videos) chaos conversion
SAB Frost Bomb Trap: [2.4] [SC/HC] Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn [77-118 cold penetration]
ASS Frost Bomb Trap: [2.4] Assassin Frost Bomb Trapper
SAB Glacial Cascade mines/Ice Trap: [2.2] AoE Cold Saboteur - Massive Glacial Cascade Mines/Ice Traps | SC | Stupid Cheap | Easy PvP
SAB Ice Trap: [2.2] Ice Trapper [HC][SC] Atziri viable
TRI Ice Trap: 2.2 Tricksterteur ICE trapper build safe & fun HC/SC/High maps
SAB Ice Trap: [2.2] Avatar of Ice Trapper feat. Realmshaper, 6.5k life fire conversion
SAB Ice Trap: [2.2][saboteur] Non-crit ice trapper (HC-viable and atziri-viable)
SAB Ice Trap: 2.2 | Trapezist - Ice Trap Guide | Cheap / Friendly / Beginner HC build /SC/High Maps Viable
SAB Ice Trap/Bear Trap: [2.2]Kongming's Cheapass Blinding Fire/Bear/Ice Trapping Singular Spine Saboteur AKA THE FLASHBANG
ASS Ice Trap/Fire Trap: [2.2] Sando's Crit Trapper (95%Crit, Assassin, Fire/Ice trap, Atziri)
SAB Kinetic Blast mines: [2.3][Saboteur] Theros' MoM/Acro Kinetic Blast Wonderminer
TRI Lightning Warp mines: [2.4] Mines over Matter - Lightning Warp Finally Viable
ASS Rain of Arrows Trap: [2.3] Crit Chin Sol RoA Poison Traps - Full Key Uber Runs/Atziri/Pale Court/ T14 in 60c/4-links
TRI Shock Nova Trap/Fire trap/Cold Snap trap: [ASC] TrapTrickmaster - ultraCheap - No limit - 3 elements
SAB Shock Nova Trap/Fire trap/Ice trap: [2.4] What a Shocking Tri-Element Crit Trapper! [Fire/Ice/Shock Nova Trap build]
SAB Shock Nova Trap: [2.2] [PSC] Lowlife Crit Shock Nova CotB traps (It looks pretty I promise)
SAB Vortex Trap: [2.4] Crit Vortex Trap Saboteur
SAB Vortex Trap: [2.4] The Plumber, a Vortex Trap Saboteur. Cheap and efficient

TRI CoC: [2.4] TankyTwirl - PhysSpell CoC Cyclone [still UberAtziri viable ] Bladefall, EK
ASS CoC: [2.4 Ready] Lioneye's Avalanche - All Map Mods - budget 800k+ REAL SingleTarget DPS Lioneye's + Bladefall
TRI CoC: 2.4 Coc Burning Vortex. 1-shot t15 bosses, great clearspeed vortex
-----CwDT, CoD, fire burst on hit
ASS CoC/CwDT: Fake Discharger coc nova + cwdt scold's bridle vaal molten shell
ASS CwDT: [2.2.0] Cast when Drinking Potion spell spammer - 20 spells per second with no active skills
ASS CoD: The Suicide Bomber (Cast-on-Death Discharge) v2.2
ASS CoD: Ass Poison Cast On Death 2.4
ASS fire burst on hit: [2.4]Omega Burst (fire burst + triggers) *updated* + other triggers
-----Trigger Uniques
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] Aim's Malice 100% CRIT Discharger, Fast farms, 6 minutes Full Core Deathless discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] CoC discharge - still a good build(easy Uber Atziri) discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [Essence] The New Fakener | Discharge | Insane Clearspeed | Reflect map safe | 8.5K ES | t16 viable discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4 Essence] The Current State of Cospri CoC Discharge discharge
TRI Cospri's Malice: [2.4] [EHC] Zizaran's Cospris Discharge Trickster discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] Empty's "Mal"Assassin (Life Based / DW Cospri's Malice) Freezing Pulse, Vortex
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] THE FREEZERATOR. Dual Cospri's Malice Crit Assassin Lacerate. Frostbolt/Arctic Breath/Vortex Frostbolt, Arctic Breath, Vortex
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] Cospri's Malice Flicker Strike Assassin || Insane Clear Speed, Budget and Defensive melee-coc hybrid; ice nova + flicker strike
ASS Cospri's Malice/VaalRF: [2.4] CI Assassin Cospri's Malice + Pyre Vortex + Vaal RF (one shot Hydra, Mino, Shaper) Vortex
TRI Kitava - Storm Call: [2.4] zSavage's Kitava's Thirst Crit Storm Call [Trickster]
TRI Kitava - Flameblast: [2.4][ESC] Kitava's Flameblast
TRI Mjölner: [2.4 ESC] Belton's Trickster Life Based Mjolner Arc/Discharge discharge
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