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I'll give it a try

What map/boss do you avoid ?
I've beaten upto lvl77 maps with this build. Havent tried lvl78 maps yet though. Should be fine just as long as the map doesnt have any mods that reduce the SRS dmg such as + Monster fire resistance.
You have not the cold cap ?
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Floleb7 wrote:
You have not the cold cap ?

Not at the moment. My current gear is nowhere near what it could be in terms of elemental resistances.

1. Alpha's Howl

Only 20% cold resistance maximum is 30% According to the Path Of Exile wiki(http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Alpha%27s_Howl)

2. Current belt

Cold Res: 37%
Lightning Res: 37%
Fire Res: 22%

Maximum resistances for each element is 45% so the build can still get an extra 8% Cold and Lightning resistance and an extra 23% for Fire Resistance!

3. Belly of the beast

Only 10% to all resistances maximum is 15% to all resistances (http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Belly_of_the_Beast)

4. I also choose to grab the passive in normal instead of sparing kraityn for the 8% to all resistances.

5. So in total the build can still get an extra:
Cold Res: 10 + 8 + 5 + 8 = 28%
Lightning Res: 8 + 5 + 8 = 18%
Fire Res: 23 + 5 + 8 = 36%

Current Resistances(EDIT: In case of any doubt this is after the 60% penalty from merciless):
Fire: 42(36 = 78(138%)
Cold: 30(28 = 58(118%)
Lightning:57(18 = 75(135%)

So the build still needs to get an extra 17 Cold resistance from somewhere.

If you can get a Energy shield helm with a high enough energy shield you don't even need to use alpha's howl even better if you can get three resistances(max I think on a helm is 45% to each resistances) and some health on it. If you can cap resistance with a helm then the build won't even need to use Purity of lightning or Purity of elements. By removing one/both of these purity's the build can then run Haste which would greatly increase the cast/clear speed.

I hope this answers your question :)

Sorry about the wall of text :D

EDIT: Just looked at my current lvl84 build tree can still get an extra 20% to all resistances from Elementalist and Faith and steel nodes that my optimal tree has.

So all resistances will be capped(overcapped really) when speccing into these nodes with better elemental gear ;)
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qustion :)
from ponter
on March 15, 2015 4:35 PM

Hi Mate,

Have you thought about this lowlife version?
Right now i have Scion 77lvl with you MF verion and it is very fun to play :)

They gonna wipeout skillpoints with next patch, so this is a nice time to think it over.

If you not planning make second version, please give me some clues how to do it..

Thanks :)

Hi Ponter,

Good to hear you are enjoying the build!

Yes, I have thought about the low life version.

A low life version would use either the blood magic gem or blood magic passive. Probably the passive on the tree because the Mortal Conviction 50% Less Reserved is too good to pass up.

The low life version also needs to spec heavily into life and Energy shield nodes. We do not need any mana nodes so that will save quite a few passive points.

So the tree is basically the same just spec out of all mana/mana regen nodes and pick up life regen, and energy shield/energy shield regen.

Also spec out of Eldritch battery we need all of our energy shield!.

The low life version will be using a shavronne's wrappings instead of Belly of the beast. We also need to travel down to the blood magic passive and mortal conviction.

Why a shav's?

Because it 1. Adds to our ES pool, more ES = more surviveability. 2. It prevents chaos damage from penetrating Energy shield and reducing life directly.

Yes, a shavronne's wrapping is very expensive, I'm actually saving up for one at the moment about 1/3 of the way there in actual currency, I could sell my gear and easily pay for one but I would rather not.

There are a few problems with running a low life version:

1. Arctic armour, cannot be used with the blood magic passive.

Even if a low life version could use AA with blood magic you cannot use the Eldritch battery passive because the build needs the energy shield for surviveability; without eldirtch battery it is almost impossible to get enough mana regen to run high level AA.

This will mean the low life version is almost strictly for mapping. The low life version would also be easier to 1HKO from Atziri's flameblast. But this is standard so dieing is not a big deal :D

2. A low life version would also need quite a bit of armour or evasion to compensate for losing Arctic armour which greatly increases the current life version's surviveability.

I will probably go with a shadow character and grab the evasion, as I would rather be hit less than try to tank hits with armour.

Also most of the items on the current life build are evasion based.

3. Stun- Low life characters are easier to stun as stun chance is based on life, yet another reason to go evasion to avoid being hit as often.
4. Freeze - Low life version are easier to freeze this is not a problem use a take a freeze flask.

Hope that answers your question.

I will try to look into the low life version again this weekend. Unfortunately I am really busy with work and other life commitments; so I cannot promise anything.

This is the low life tree that I was thinking of:


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Just an update on the Blood Magic low life version of this.

Currently lvl78, have the passive tree, gems etc all worked out.

From what I tell so far the low life version has noticeably increased surviveability and also deals more damage.

Around 4-6 more lvl's until I spec into blood magic and mortal conviction at this stage will hopefully have the shavronne's wrappings.

Currently a little over 2/3 of the way to affording a shavronne's wrappings.

Will do a new forum build post likely in the next week or two when I have finalised all the details of the build including acquiring a shavronne's wrappings.
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I just wanted to say, that i stared using Goldrim (+10% IIR and +38 all res) and i have cap with no problem :)
Hello Exiles,

For those looking for the Low Life version of this build it is here:

Hi, I hope you have an update for 2.0 when it drops as I have a high level scion sitting around doing nothing and this seems like it will be awesome. Thanks and keep on posting :)

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