EU01-49-HC Swiss

The queue for this tournament can be found in the "Events" tab of the "Events and PvP" panel. This can be accessed in-game through the menu button, or by pressing B (by default). You must queue for this tournament in order to participate in it. You cannot join this tournament late, as the number of rounds is determined by the number of players.

You must be on the following league/gateway to participate in this tournament:

League: Hardcore
Gateway: Europe

PvP-only characters can be used for this tournament.
Instructions on how to create preconstructed PvP-only characters can be found here.

This is a low-level event. It is restricted to level 28 characters who have not yet completed Normal difficulty.

This is a Swiss event
Each match in a Swiss event is a best-of-seven duel with another player. The matches are of fixed length and the number of rounds is based on the number of players. More information on how this format works can be found in the PvP rules.

Each match won is worth 3 points.
Each match drawn is worth 1 point.

The top 20 players by points will receive:
  • #1 Overall: Talisman of the Victor (Unique Jet Amulet) and 15 Reward Points.
  • #2 Overall: 10 Reward Points.
  • #3 Overall: 8 Reward Points.
  • #4 Overall: 6 Reward Points.
  • #5 Overall: 5 Reward Points.
  • #6-10 Overall: 4 Reward Points.
  • #11-20 Overall: 2 Reward Points.

Each point acquired earns you 1 Reward Point.

As well as reward points, our sponsors have generously provided:
  • 1st place: $75 Karma Koin and Razer Gaming Hardware ($80+)
  • 2nd place: $60 Karma Koin
  • 3rd-4th place: $30 Karma Koin
  • 5th-8th place: $20 Karma Koin
  • 9th-16th place: $10 Karma Koin

Click here for more information about these sponsored prizes.

The player who places the highest in each Swiss event and doesn't already have an invitation to the Invitational at the end of the season will receive an Invitation.

Good luck!
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