Anatomical Knowledge
Ancient Waystones
Apex Mode
Assassin's Haste
Atziri's Reign
Blood Sacrifice
Replica Blood Sacrifice
Brittle Barrier
Brutal Restraint
Brute Force Solution
Calamitous Visions
Careful Planning
Cheap Construction
Replica Cheap Construction
Chill of Corruption
Clear Mind
Coated Shrapnel
Cold Steel
Combat Focus
Combat Focus
Combat Focus
Conqueror's Efficiency
Replica Conqueror's Efficiency
Conqueror's Longevity
Conqueror's Potency
Corrupted Energy
Dead Reckoning
Divide and Conquer
Efficient Training
Eldritch Knowledge
Elegant Hubris
Emperor's Cunning
Emperor's Mastery
Emperor's Might
Emperor's Wit
Endless Misery
Energised Armour
Energy From Within
Fertile Mind
Fevered Mind
Fight for Survival
First Snow
Fluid Motion
Fortress Covenant
Fragile Bloom
Replica Fragile Bloom
From Dust
Frozen Trail
Glorious Vanity
Grand Spectrum
Grand Spectrum
Grand Spectrum
Growing Agony
Hair Trigger
Hazardous Research
Healthy Mind
Hidden Potential
Replica Hotheaded
Hungry Abyss
Inspired Learning
Intuitive Leap
Izaro's Turmoil
Kitava's Teachings
Lethal Pride
Lioneye's Fall
Lord of Steel
Lord of Steel
Lord of Steel
Malicious Intent
Mantra of Flames
Martial Artistry
Might and Influence
Might in All Forms
Might of the Meek
Militant Faith
Mutated Growth
Nadir Mode
Natural Affinity
Omen on the Winds
One With Nothing
Overwhelming Odds
Poacher's Aim
Primordial Eminence
Primordial Harmony
Primordial Might
Replica Primordial Might
Pure Talent
Replica Pure Talent
Quickening Covenant
Rain of Splinters
Rapid Expansion
Reckless Defence
Replica Reckless Defence
Ring of Blades
Rolling Flames
Sacrificial Harvest
Soul's Wick
Spire of Stone
Spirit Guards
Spirited Response
Split Personality
Spreading Rot
Static Electricity
Steel Spirit
Survival Instincts
Survival Secrets
Survival Skills
Tempered Flesh
Transcendent Flesh
Tempered Mind
Transcendent Mind
Tempered Spirit
Transcendent Spirit
The Anima Stone
The Blue Dream
The Blue Nightmare
The Front Line
The Golden Rule
The Green Dream
The Green Nightmare
The Interrogation
The Long Winter
The Red Dream
The Red Nightmare
The Siege
The Vigil
Thread of Hope
To Dust
Unending Hunger
Unnatural Instinct
Unstable Payload
Replica Unstable Payload
Vaal Sentencing
Volley Fire
Warlord's Reach
Watcher's Eye
Weight of Sin
Weight of the Empire
Winter Burial
Winter's Bounty