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... and when will witch start to levitate ?
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Hi there,

I just did a respec from my PA Build to Shockwave Totem.

At the moment at level 68 i have a tooltip dps around 3-4k which is a bit low i think.

EDIT: I know its not about the tooltip dps but still seems a bit low :P



Dual Curse is just someting i try out at the moment, as soon as i get my hand on Empires Grasp i will respec.

Do you have any tips for me what i could to get higher dps ?
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I was really hyped for this league and came back to PoE but now you gave me a reason more to leave.

1. PvP Events on Standard why not the new League where everyone would start new ?
2. Since the start of PoE there is a LLD community in standard
3. And another way to just win with good gear, skill doesnt matter here. Top Tier LLD Gear - try to win against one like this just with Low or Mid Gear.... no chance

But anyway have fun guys, i will check out the race ladder just to see the same top 3 every time...

This is typical SCRUB behavior. Within the context of the rules, what is the difference in a) spending time to farm items (which are really not that expensive) b) spending time getting good at pvp. Scrubs complain

The scrub mentality is to be so shackled by self-imposed handicaps as to never have any hope of being truly good at a game. You can practice forever, but if you can't get over these common hangups, in a sense you've lost before you even started. You've lost before you even picked which game to play. You aren't playing to win.

A scrub would disagree with this though. They'd say they are trying very hard. The problem is they are only trying hard within a construct of fictitious rules that prevent them from ever truly competing.

Why does the vTact think for a second that he would have a chance if he had equal gear? He flat out WOULDN'T. He hasn't played and has no basis to claim that he would have a chance. This excuse has always been poor because they have no context for their statements, having never played pvp with good gear.

So to make himself feel better, he complains about the gear disparity between people who farm for it and himself, a complaining hothead with no plans to ever play pvp anyways.

Changing the format to use premade gear would not allow for build diversity. Let the beauty of the crafting system shine by allowing people to use their own gear.

Really ? Check out my Chars i got several non only-Pvp LLD chars because i used to play when the anarchy league where out(i also deleted about 5 of those). I started playing arpg pvp in Diablo 2 also LLD (9//18/29/39/49) and normal PvP

Dont claim anything if you have no idea.

I want to play PvP where skill matters and not gear. And if you would actually read what i wrote you should have seen that i never claimed that i would have a chance with equal gear.

"the vTact" has spoken...
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