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Completed 19 ChallengesQiox wrote:
Whatever the OP decides is going to be their own made up concept.

PoE certainly has a stupid number of plausible categories, but credit-roll is a decent target for an "any%". It could be further segmented by starting class, but that seems unnecessary. For timing, it would be a PC-standard "RTA without loads" -- start from waking up on the beach to final hit on Malachai.


PoE Races (and early ladder play) are effectively score-based (twin galaxies style), not time-based, though many of the Race strats will still apply. The biggest difference is that, being time-based, you only need to level up/gear up enough to beat the bosses. If you can do that at L10 and be underleveled the whole time, that's just gravy. You don't need to save any currency, you don't need to plan ahead for cruel/merc, you just need to hit the finish line ASAP.

Another interesting facet is NG+ categories (i.e. allowing Stash usage). Having all the gear ahead of time means that there's no gear RNG and places a lot more importance on pre-run planning.

The one intense problem with PoE Speedrunning is that the game has been continuously patched since inception and there's no way to play on older versions. As a result, every patch is potentially throwing out all old runs and starting fresh. That much churn would likely burn out any participants.


Anyway, if anyone does do PoE Speedrunning, it would be interesting to watch.

I've been into speedrunning since Morimoto's SMB3 TAS way back in 2003. There's something very fulfilling about pursuing perfection (TAS or otherwise).
Legacy items should have never existed in the first place. It just makes the game harder to balance when they have to account for legacy gear...

Legacy leagues are not intended to be balanced.

The temp leagues are attempted to be balanced, and whatever happens in the legacy leagues is of no concern. Maybe things get left around, maybe they don't. Whatever was easier to code at the time.

I agree with the sentiment though -- if GGG had stayed to their "no legacies" original vision, Standard/Hardcore would be slightly less like dumpsters.