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Mana... regen?

Nah man, mana leech, and lots of it. Life leech too, both at the same time.
Now you hit the leech cap on two orbs while damage is being split between them equally.

With 50% dam->mana, effectively:
- "life pool" = max life + max mana
- "max leech/s" = max life leech/s + max mana leech/s
- "regen/s" = life regen + mana regen

The defense is pretty fantastic, though you'll (as always) want mitigation to go with that giant buffer.

Don't neglect "damage gained as mana when hit", since alongside damage->mana, you create effective negation. Mindspiral technically can do that, but being unable to leech mana hurts your recuperative abilities too much.

Spirited Response (threshold jewel for Rallying Cry) is the real kicker. Each one is effectively 10% mitigation. Totally worth the jewel slots to get 2-4 of them.


Divine Guidance is the 2pt ascendancy class wonder.

Sanctuary of Thought doesn't add a lot to the build if you don't have es investment. However, if you're wealthy enough, es/mana is totally the way to go here since that way Intelligence gives bonuses to both sides of your buffer (%es and +mana).

Conviction of Power is free charges. Nice, but probably not worth the 2 asc points here.

Pursuit of Faith -> Ritual of Awakening is a decent 50% dps increase for totemers.

Illuminated Devotion makes for easy 5Ls.

I would imagine the "standard" build for this is either {Divine Guidance, Sanctuary of Thought, Illuminated Devotion} or {Divine Guiance, totem1, totem2} depending on swinging totems or not.
Refundable class choice?
Boo-urns GGG.


Anyway, I'll look forward to the line about respeccing in the manifesto/patchnotes when they eventually decide how they want to do it. I don't think they're tied to anything quite yet.
How is this game played and also 9/11 was an inside job.