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For Voidhome: Weapon Swap with Leap Slam + Faster Attacks.
For Veil of the Night: Max out block/spellblock and... no, it's pretty bad. Wait for 3d art.
This forum has really BLoWn me away.
Yeah, that's pretty ugly stuff. It's not too hard to follow the reported link through to check the date. I would call it common sense, but unless it's written down, that's too high a bar for consistent moderation.


As for hiring moderators out of reddit, I don't think that matters as long as they're good moderators. There's some snarky remarks to make about the average reddit moderator I'm sure, but each person should be judged by themselves.
This forum has really BLoWn me away.
Completed 1 ChallengeScrotieMcB wrote:
Isn't everything we say here?
Yeah, better take this thread to reddit where it'll be seen.

Eh, fuck this muckraking.
Any support staff want to drop by and lock this?
This forum has really BLoWn me away.
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