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2h Spectral Throw with Double Strike as your single target.

The simple 4Ls:
- ST + LMP + ProjectilePhysAttackDamage + FasterAttacks
- DoubleStrike + MPD + Multistrike + Life Leech

Use an axe, mace, sword, or staff. It doesn't matter which, just whatever you can find that hits hard.

Use leap slam + faster attacks for movement.

Either use no curses or use Enfeeble/Vuln/TempChains (any).

Run Grace and maybe Determination.

Take Iron Reflexes and Unwavering Stance. You can start as a Ranger, Duelist, Marauder, or Scion, the ideal tree is pretty much "the lower half".
This forum has really BLoWn me away.
While piercing 1handed swords (rapiers, foils) are the same "type" as slashing 1handed swords (sabres, broadswords), they use different animations. Because of this, the skin transfer fails (since if it worked, it would look very weird).

It's a known issue that GGG needs to resolve (which I imagine they'll do by splitting up the 1handed swords into two subcategories).
This forum has really BLoWn me away.
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I understand the inventory concerns. If you don't have space for an exalt orb, that's a gameplay challenge that GGG wants to enforce (for the same reason the inventory has any limits at all). If they didn't want that, then they could just have a "gold counter" in your inventory screen for each orb.

The stack sizes are indeed quite arbitrary, but I'm not sure what the heuristic for stack sizes should be. I don't think "flat X size across the board" is entirely right. The current heuristic of "tiered stack size based on rarity" seems to work, but with OP's noted mismatches.


Separately, I don't like the stash restrictions. I would greatly prefer the "gold counter" approach when it comes to mass storage, one counter per orb type. You can pull them out of there one stack at a time with lclick, can shift+lclick to pull out a number less than a stack, can use one with rclick, or just shift+rclick and use up a thousand in one go.

This just feels like something that GGG never planned on returning to 'touch up'. They didn't have shift+lclick or shift+rclick back in the day, and they probably don't want to touch the stash (UI or contents) now since it's very risk-prone. Would be nice though, and would make stash tabs ever-so-slightly less p2w.

Not sure if I buy the psychological concerns. Maybe, but that fails Occam's Razor. It's much more likely they just never gave it the time of day.
This forum has really BLoWn me away.
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