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Completed 33 ChallengesMythabril wrote:
I'll aim at 24 and see how far I'll get past that point. Pretty much like in Perandus.

Freezing Pulse is DPS.
Freezing Pulse Mine is Damage Per Use, not DPS.

To calculate Mine DPS, you have to do the math yourself using mine laying speed instead of cast speed. Cast speed doesn't do anything meaningful for traps/mines.

Obviously the Remote Mine "more damage" is applying since your per-use FP damage went from 124 to 163.
If they're doing it because "women should have their turn", then it's doomed to fail.

If they're doing it because "we want to push the limits of 007's character", then it might not fail.

If they're doing it because "this villain is awesome and check out this sweet car and this cellphone is also a gun and who cares what gender 007 is", it'll be great.