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Completed 3 Challengesbluechipps wrote:
Seems like the only people complaining here are the ones that would only show up for the free loot. It's a hella fun event that we been begging GGG to host a >1hr version for years, because its fun. I know some people only play PoE for the "rewards" and thats fine, just keep your greedy comments to yourselves please as there are many people who would love to spend a weekend in this fun and unique event.

Hey, if they don't want to play in a "for fun" event, then let them complain and not play. The less people that play means a higher chance of anyone else that wants to play (like myself) winning beta access without the need of doing a 72-hour-no-life-run, which I'm incapable of doing due to work.
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So much bawing over Void. Guess some people just don't know what it means to have fun with an Event.

Funny thing is...if it wasn't a Void league, the entire argument would shift and people would be complaining that Standard is going to become flooded with more items and make everything less valuable. You know...
Due to the ridiculous drops from the Exiles, this event is voided. No items or characters from this event will enter other leagues when it ends.
Eagerly awaiting the day the "forum trade" system finally gets done.
Overcrash wrote:
Chris wrote:
Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

Exiles Everywhere: Each area (after the Twilight Strand) is inhabited by 20 additional Rogue Exiles. Specific Rogue Exiles are not restricted by level, so any Exile can appear in any area.

So a level 3 (for example on the first area after Lioneye's, the beach) you can get a Level 70 exile amongst the 20 exiles in the area ?

Screw that.

You got it wrong, it means you can get multiple from the same exile in the same zone.

Actually, it means you can get an Exile that normally appears really late (ie a level 60, aka Igna Phoenix) in any area regardless of its level.

Thankfully, that also caps their level down to the normal +2 area level so you can't get a level 5 Igna Phoenix with Greater Multiple Fireballs.

This can make some later Exiles that are particularly non-threatening quite threatening early on (and vice versa), especially if they have a relatively bland skill set.
Eagerly awaiting the day the "forum trade" system finally gets done.
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