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hey man, really well done guides. Just ripped my 84 flame totem witch and I'm about to make cyclone char, turned out I can use your guidance again!

Since I have quite a bit of currency I'm thinking of implementing more quality gems and leveling them right off the bat. I bought already a 20q Cyclone since inc aoe seems vital for this build. What are some other skills that you think would benefit best from using quality ones? I thought maybe MPD is the second most important and the rest I can do with nonQ skills. And maybe use the currency to get some cheap corrupted 6 link chest for endgame (before I save up for the belly)
~b/o 1 fuse
~b/o 1 alch
~b/o 1 chaos
~b/o 2 chaos
~b/o 3 chaos
~b/o 4 chaos
~b/o 5 chaos
~b/o 6 chaos
~b/o 10 chaos
~b/o 12 chaos
~b/o 20 chaos
~b/o 1.5 exa
~b/o 9 exa
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