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Completed 35 ChallengesZiggyD wrote:
Nope, I'm just a prolific PoE content creator. I paid for my own trip out to NZ so that I could produce this content of my own accord - (with the permission and assistance of GGG of course!). It's win win for both of us after all.

Love the dedication to this game but you should have been paid to do that. Thanks for the effort though. :)

If they had paied him other streamers would be mad as hell and stopped streaming PoE probably (not saying they all would but I bet there would be some streamers) So to fix that GGG had to invite all the big time PoE streamers making it an very expensive something. So I say the way they did now was the smartest way.

lots of new gamers and also some older ones follow these streamers around if a streamer plays game x the followers start playing game x to etc. (don't know if its really true and/if PoE would lose lots of players this way but thats how I think it is) <--- mirror Thread
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