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Nochmal: Die deutsche Lokalisation ist schon so gut wie fertig, es geht im Grunde nur noch um den Termin der Veröffentlichung. Wenn ich raten müsste, dann würde ich allerdings eher auf 2.3 (Herbst/Winter?) tippen als auf eine Challenge League wie Prophecy. Aber wer weiß... Schließlich müssen sie sowieso mit jeder Erweiterung kontinuierlich daran weiterarbeiten, also können sie die Übersetzung auch einfach irgendwann raushauen.
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Completed 28 ChallengesPhaeded wrote:

Every time I talk about this in game with people they're all over it. There is no legit reason for this to work the way it does and yet when I create posts only a few people respond. Are we few really the only ones willing to be vocal about it? This is something that is a pure QOL improvement that certainly can't be very difficult to implement so wtf? Speak up people!

Or: This suggestion has been made literally dozens and dozens of times since the first players got all masters to level 8. GGG have already said that they are aware that it's an issue and understand that most people think it's annoying. But it's obviously not very high on the priority list and, if I remember correctly, there are some actual technical/coding problems.

Edit: last sort of official reply from about six months ago (that I'm aware of)

Chris wrote:
[...] that feature currently isn't intended for 2.1.0 but I'll bring it up with the guys as a discussion point. I understand it's frustrating. There's a bit more backstory to this though, so it's not as simple as just changing it. Well maybe it is, we'll see.


And the full thread

But at least there's hope :-D
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Welcome overboard, Exile and enjoy your time in Wraeclast. :-D

I've been here for almost four years now... so yeah, if you like this kind of game, it can be fairly addicting.

If you want to read up a bit, I recommend the (unofficial) wiki and checking out the stickies in the Tech Support, Help & Information and Gameplay Help & Discussion forums.

If you are not sure where to start and which character to play, head over to the class forums for some (beginner friendly) guides. It's pretty normal though to brick your first character :-D So if you feel stuck, just ask for help. :-)

The game is completely free to play, you don't have to spend any money to access content and all microtransactions sold in the shop are purely cosmetic, i.e. you can't buy in-game advantages.