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b/o 3ex
IGN : FireHC
Holy mother of jesus it happening HYPE

socketed skill tree - best idea ever

<3 ggg forever
IGN : FireHC
well it is sad the way u have lost your character but u have to keep in mind when u choose to play hc that u will die sooner or later due to lag crash bad luck whatever death always finds a way.

if u you feel that u have to get to 100 on HC just to prove to someone that your not a scrub well that is also sad.

you have to know your value.

As a side not QQ part of a frustrated and very dissapoitned player

as for the game i dont care anymore , rmt and dupes AXNs and fyndels took all the fun from the game. GGG balanced drop rates so bots cant aquire currency as do normal players.

So remember guys dont waste money on MTX save yourslves some years of grind and just TMR.
Otherwise you will be as frustradted as me who played honestly and got nothing in return.

2 years = 0 eternal orbs , couple of exalt drops , 0 mirrors

meanwhile ppl like fyndel and axn have hunderds of BiS mirror gear ...

FK DIS honestly im so frustrated <goes nuclear>

IGN : FireHC