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tabs of exalts ? u just want to make me kill myself ... 2 years and i got 3 exalts in my currency tab... i really want to die now.
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Burn exiles burn !

Ps i have watched some vids from ppl runing that map like Helman, RaizQT and i can confirm my GM is using pledge of hands incinerate(and not like some twich chat suggested quill rain incinerate lol ;p)
IGN : FireHC
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goetzjam wrote:

As should the price of the map go down, GGG specifically stated the map would be fairly common so many people get to try different builds against it.

This isn't suppose to be another atziri guaranteed unique per run grind behind hours of play map, its a challenge.

Could the loot be better, probably, but doesn't need to be that much better, its about challenge, NOT reward for this map.

challenge without a reward is not a challange in my book . but maybe u are right maybe this map is supposed to be only run one in a lifetime and forgotten.
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