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Definitly Snow Mountains.

IGN : FireHC
Act 1 - 10/10 - awsome not to long , pretty linear , smooth and also - THE LEDGE !
Act 2 - 9/10 - dont like ancient pyramid , everything is pretty nice brings back that d2 feeling of act 3 . I Like the green areas :)
Act 3 - 8/10 Overall pretty decent but sometimes feels so long > lunaris and scepter of god .

Act 4 - 3/10 Only good thing for me in act 4 Dried Lake and Daresso Zone. Aqueduct is pretty interesting but not as good as ledge. I feel the Harvest zone is the worst part of the entire poe game. Kaom path is meh ... Dark, long and uinteresting with crappy balanced monsters and no loot.

i hope if and when act 5 comes it's gonna be a pleasant suprise.
IGN : FireHC
Shags i feel like u are always present on forum , do you ever sleep ? ^^
IGN : FireHC
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