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Think Animate Guardian and imagine word "NO"

just dont use it ... just dont ...
IGN : FireHC
traps are fine ... just need to learn how to play through lab thats all.

i even say they are too easy since u can cheese through them with movment skills.

IGN : FireHC
Hey guys this is just a quick guide i'll improve it later when i have time


- 8,5-10,5k ES depending on gear
- 40k+ armour without flasks (basicly 90% estimated phys reduction all the time)
- Provides 60% movment speed for party , 99% cast/attack speed (without generosity, with generosity its even more)
- Provides 84 max resist to party (lvl 21 purity + alphas howl)
- Provides 5,7% life regen for party
- Boosted Tripple Curses (Enfeeble + Temporal Chains + Warlords mark combined with Enhance)
- High ES regeneation Around 1k es regen/sec
- Can run any map mods (on blood magic mod is harder but still doable)


my friend made the video im in like second part of it


-grace (grants +4536 Evasion)(lvl 20 gem)
-haste (grants 27% attack/cast speed 14% movement speed)(lvl 20 gem)
-determination (grants 84% more Armour)(lvl 20 gem)
-clarity (grants 27,5 base mana regen)(lvl 20 gem)
-discipline (grants 544 base energy shield with lvl 21 discipline gem)
-vitality (grants 2,5% regen)
-purity of fire (grants +9% to maximum fire resistance cap) (lvl 21 gem)
-purity of ice (grants +9% to maximum ice resistance cap) (lvl 21 gem)
-purity of lightning (grants +9% to maximum lightning resistance cap) (lvl 21 gem)
-radiant faith (provides flat armour to party) (+1672 flat armour in case of my gear and lvl)
-radiant faith (provides flat es to party) (+132 base ES in case of my gear and lvl)

Vaal Auras:


-Vaal Grace (20/20)

Without Geneorisity : 54% attack/spell dodge
With Generosity lvl16/20q 66% attck/spell dodge


-Vaal Haste (20/20 (priorty for me to use for fast map clears):

Without Geneorisity 57% attack/cast speed, 32% movment speed)
With Generosity lvl16/20q - 70%attck/cast speed, 39% movement speed)


-Vaal Discipline(20/20)

Without Geneorisity - +1452 base ES
With Generosity lvl16/20q - +1770 base ES




passive points are very important so we kill all bandits

normal - kill all
cruel - kill all
merciles - kill all

If you have any questions u can post them here or msg me in game
my IGN : Sir_Janusz

IGN : FireHC
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