Public Stress Test Weekend FAQ

After three successful Public Stress Test Weekends earlier this year, The Path of Exile Beta servers will be once again open to the public for the weekend of September 14-16. Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions, explaining the details of how it works.

Primarily, testing to see how the Path of Exile servers run under heavy player load. Our Closed Beta is around the size we need for gameplay feedback, but we need to test to see if we can handle larger number of players in the lead-up to Open Beta. The first three weekends were a great success. We want to push it harder this time :)

We will make the servers public at 5pm on Friday (September 14), Pacific Daylight Time. This is noon Saturday (September 15) in New Zealand. This link will help you convert to other timezones

The public weekend ends at 11:59pm on Sunday (September 16), Pacific Daylight Time. This is 7pm on Monday (September 17) in New Zealand. This link will help you convert to other timezones.

Yes. You can download it here!

Definitely! An account is required to play but you can create one at any time, even while the event is running. These accounts can be upgraded to Closed Beta accounts after the event if a Beta key is added to them (and of course, they become full game accounts once we enter Open Beta).

Just create an account, download the client, then start playing when the public weekend is live! If you have problems, please post in the forums and we’ll try to help.

All of the current Closed Beta content. This includes two acts repeated over four difficulties (about 69 levels worth of content), our new end-game Maps, Default and Hardcore leagues, six character classes, approximately 70 active skills, 40 support gems and hundreds of types of items.

For the last few months, we’ve been running weekly special events in Path of Exile. For example, a three hour event that rewards the people that reach the highest level or the first people to accomplish certain tasks (completing quests, clearing an area of monsters, etc). We’re going to try to run several of these events during the public stress test weekend. The exact schedule of times as well as more detailed information about rules and prizes will be posted before the weekend starts.

These events take place in temporary leagues that we create on the server specifically for the event. Players must create new characters to participate in these events and they do not have the benefit of any stashed items. Following the event, the league is closed and characters are moved to the appropriate permanent league.

A league is a self-contained separate economy within a server. Characters created within a league are unable to interact with characters from other leagues. Read more about leagues here.

Possibly. It went really well last time, but we're going to continue to gather data about server performance and stability under load.

Our intention is to allow users to log on freely until we encounter stability issues. At that point, we’ll place a player limit at a stability threshold and attempt to resolve any issues. Once we’re confident our servers can handle more players, we’ll incrementally raise the limit until we run into more issues. This process should help us find and resolve stability issues while also allowing people to play the game without overloading the servers. As a result, there may be a queue to log in while problems are being resolved.

Yes, Closed Beta testers will have access to the same leagues that public players will.

Unless you’re already a Closed Beta tester, your access will cease when the weekend ends. Of course, now that you have a Path of Exile account, you’ll be eligible for selection into the Closed Beta. We’re planning to ramp up invitations to the Closed Beta in preparation for the Open Beta. You may find that you get permanent access soon. If you support Path of Exile by pre-purchasing microtransaction credit, you will receive Beta access.

The public weekend takes place in the leagues that regular Beta testers play in. If you gain access to the Closed Beta later, you’ll be able to pick up and play your characters right where you left off. For current Closed Beta testers, you will of course have continued access to items you have found in the public weekend during the Closed Beta. Remember, characters and items may be wiped at any time while we’re in the Closed Beta phase.

Based on the data that we receive from this public weekend we will decide if we need to hold additional stress test weekends. We’ll post details about a week in advance if we have any planned.