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Community Build Guide Highlights!

Jul 27, 2015 10:09:58 PM
There are so many awesome build guides being created by the community that it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones to follow. Today we're highlighting some builds that we've checked out and recommend! Read More.

2.0.0h Patch Notes, New Microtransactions and More!

Jul 27, 2015 3:48:38 AM
We've deployed the 2.0.0h update! You can read its patch notes here. In addition to fixing various bugs, it introduces the new Ghostflame Flame Totem Skin and Ghostflame Swarm Pet. Read More.

The Emberwake Race Season Has Started!

Jul 23, 2015 10:00:04 PM
On your marks, get set, GO! The Emberwake Season has begun. We have some tips for new players who are interested in participating but not sure where to begin. Read More.

The 2.0.0g Update Has Been Deployed!

Jul 23, 2015 1:46:53 AM
We initially planned the 2.0.0g patch to include a few balance changes and bug fixes, but it grew to be one of the largest point releases we've done. You can read the full patch notes here. The update includes big balance changes to Act Four, Warbands and Tempest. It also improves several performance issues such as players loading nearby, lockstep stuttering and disconnections entering areas. We have also added some new microtransactions: Necrotic Armour Pack, Divine Righteous Fire and the Peacock and Peahen pets. Thanks for your support! Read More.

The Awakening Video-Making Event Highlights!

Jul 21, 2015 5:55:30 PM
The video-making event in association with and is going well! Many people have joined and some really excellent submissions have been made. Today we're showcasing some of the highlights of these submissions. Read More.

Upcoming Updates to The Awakening!

Jul 20, 2015 10:59:51 PM
Today we wanted to show what our short-term production schedule looks like in terms of upcoming updates to Path of Exile. There are a variety of changes planned for the next few weeks that fix problems, adjust stuff that is too difficult and introduce new content. Read More.