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0.10.0d Patch Deployed

Monday, January 28, 2013
This evening we applied the 0.10.0d patch. The patch notes are here. If you haven't seen them yet, the previous patch (0.10.0c) has its notes here. At this time we're expecting to deploy the next patch probably tomorrow or the next day. Realm stability is far improved compared to the last couple of days. We're really pleased with the progress and looking forward to seeing how it handles at peak time tomorrow - 12 hours from when I write this. Read More.

Emergency Downtime - FIXED

Sunday, January 27, 2013
Update: The game servers are back up and we believe that problems described in this post have been fixed. Read More.

How the Open Beta launch went for us

Friday, January 25, 2013
The last few days have been amazing for us. After working for over six years on Path of Exile, we are proud to say that its Open Beta launch was a complete success. We've already addressed several early stability problems and are very pleased with how the game is currently performing. We hit a peak of 56,700 simultaneous player earlier today and we're looking forward to try to smash that record over the weekend. This is far more interest than we expected, though thankfully very close to what we purchased server capacity for! This news post describes what the launch was like from our point of view. Read More.

Lost microtransactions and Closed Beta supporters who bought stash tabs

Friday, January 25, 2013
Some players have accidentally deleted characters that contained microtransaction effects or have overwritten effects that are on their items by applying a different effect. Both of these behaviours have caused purchased microtransactions to be destroyed. In addition, some Closed Beta supporters who purchased stash tabs in the past have expressed concern that the tabs are now available at discounted rates if six are purchased at once. This news post discusses how we will fix both of these issues. Read More.

Open Beta Status

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
The Open Beta patch (0.10.0) has been deployed and is ready for download (just patch your existing Beta client or download a new one). The game servers will come up when the countdown timer hits zero. You can queue for login before that time if you'd like. The Closed Beta kiwi packs have been removed from the site. If you're quick you may be able to email before the countdown hits zero to arrange a manual purchase. We can't sell any more after that deadline though. The new supporter options are available! Read More.

Sales of Closed Beta kiwi packs end two hours before Open Beta

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
When the countdown hits two hours to go, we are closing sales of the Closed Beta kiwi packs. That leaves 2.5 hours from the time I'm writing this if you still want to upgrade! We've just crossed 250 Diamond packs purchased, which is an awesome milestone to hit before entering Open Beta. If you're new to Path of Exile and are confused about what's in the Closed Beta supporter packs, this video may be useful. Read More.

0.10.0 patch notes, balance explanations and how microtransactions work

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
The final 0.10.0 patch notes are here. Carl has posted an explanation of our reasoning and process behind many of the changes, which you should also read! When we enter Open Beta tomorrow, we're opening up the microtransaction store with dozens of initial cosmetic options you can purchase. We haven't really explained how these microtransactions work, so this news post should hopefully offer a clear explanation. Note that there are many more microtransactions that are under development that will be added in the coming weeks. Our initial selection is only what we had ready by this week. Note that we have changed this news post since we first posted it. Please click through for the update (which is in bold!) Read More.

How the Open Beta launch will work

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
At the time of writing, there are 24 hours to go until we enter Open Beta. This post briefly explains how that transition works and what to expect. Please click through to read the whole post. Read More.

Massive news update

Friday, January 18, 2013
Our whirlwind press tour has been a huge success so far - we had record site traffic yesterday and may break that record again today. We will certainly be ordering more game servers when we get back to New Zealand tomorrow. This news post is a quick roundup of the press coverage so far! Shacknews have posted a preview and discuss Path of Exile at length on their Weekend Confirmed podcast (starting at 91 minutes). Gamespot filmed and livestreamed an hour long interview/playthrough which is archived here. IGN posted a preview and an overview video. My Geek Review also posted a preview based on their time playing. have posted an article and interview with Jonathan. Our gold supporter BurnOutBrighter has also posted an amazing thread on the NeoGAF forums. We're in awe of the amount of effort put into that post. We'll post more ongoing press coverage as it occurs. Five days to go until Open Beta! Read More.

Official Open Beta Trailer

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Gametrailers has posted the official Open Beta Trailer, which you can view here! It shows a lot of act three content and demonstrates some of our favourite game systems. We'll be releasing it to other news outlets on Thursday and our Youtube channel on Friday. Read More.

Video about Kiwi packs, 0.9.13m patch and new race events

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
The Closed Beta kiwi packs that we have been selling since April will become unavailable in two weeks once we enter Open Beta. The kiwi pets will never be obtainable again, and various aspects of how we handle supporter packs will change. We've made a video explaining what's in the packs and why it's important to upgrade now if you want their perks. Your support continues to help Path of Exile immensely, so thank you all very much for your generous purchases. Together we can build the ultimate action RPG. Read More.

0.9.13l and k patches and new trade chat

Saturday, January 5, 2013
Yesterday we deployed the 0.9.13k patch which introduced changes to the global chat system. After reviewing how chat was used, we decided to go ahead and implement trade chat, which we patched in with 0.9.13l a few hours later. Read More.

Load-testing success and new race events

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Earlier this week we ran a legion of load-testing bots on the realm to see if we could fill our new server hardware. We were successfully able to fit 54,000 bots concurrent users onto the realm, which is around what we estimated. With this result under our belts, we're well on-target for being ready for Open Beta by the 23rd as promised. Read More.

Fan art competition results!

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Thank you all so much for the amazing set of entries to the fan art competition. We've decided to increase the prizes so that three people will receive physical swag and microtransaction credit. Eleven more honourable mentions will receive microtransaction credit. All of these 14 selected people will receive five beta keys to give to their friends. Read More.

Account creation problems - resolved!

Saturday, December 29, 2012
The maintenance last night introduced some big problems that we have been working hard to solve. We have disabled account creation because it isn't working properly. The problem has been identified and we're working towards deploying a fix soon. Approximately 1000 people created accounts that do not work, and we'll be contacting those people soon to correct any problems. We're really sorry about these problems - hopefully they'll all be fixed up soon and account creation will be re-enabled. Read More.

Completed server maintenance

Friday, December 28, 2012
We shut down the realm for two hours to do our largest server maintenance ever. We added 27 new servers to the realm and sharded our databases across multiple servers to increase performance for the Open Beta. Normally this type of maintenance would be possible in under one minute, but the database changes took a really long time this once. Read More.

0.9.13j Patch Notes and Load Testing

Thursday, December 27, 2012
We deployed the 0.9.13j patch today. The patch notes are here. Tonight we're ordering another 27 server machines which will boost our theoretical realm capacity to 50,000 concurrent users. We will perform aggressive load testing over the weekend to try to hit this capacity using custom bots. Read More.

IndieDB win, new video, small upcoming patch and one week race

Monday, December 24, 2012
Thanks to your votes, we won the IndieDB Players Choice Upcoming Indie Game 2012 award! We've uploaded a very short video demonstrating the Roof Fading technology that we've implemented for buildings in Act Three. It also briefly shows the Warehouses area. Read More.

Lunaris Temple screenshot and one-week race

Friday, December 21, 2012
Today we have posted what I believe is the first public screenshot of the Lunaris Temple from Act Three. The screenshot is a little deceptive because it doesn't show off any of what makes this temple special - but we're leaving that surprise for later. Needless to say, Alpha testers react pretty strongly when they explore this area. Read More.

A new 0.10.0 screenshot and weekend events

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
While working on the trailer for Open Beta and the 0.10.0 patch, we found a good screenshot that shows off some new content. The body armour shown is new art, which should be added next month. The frog pet shown in the inventory is there for testing purposes - usually it'd be in the microtransaction stash. Read More.