Wraeclast is a harsh, unforgiving continent, home to a wide menagerie of murderous creatures. Ferocious beasts, moaning undead, and roiling horrors each compete to devour the exiles who periodically wash up on the shore. Black, arcane energies hum throughout the land, affecting both the living and the dead. The wildlife has been unnaturally twisted into a grotesque array of blood-crazed aberrations. The dead have woken from their eternal nightmare and risen up to wander the land, hungering for fresh meat. Ancient horrors lurk the deep, dark crevices and caves, always looking for unsuspecting prey to consume in both body and mind. Exiles that wish to survive these countless, slavering monsters must learn how to fight, and when to run.

The strongest, most powerful of these creatures often project seething auras, that invigorate and drive their minions on to even greater levels of bloodlust and fury. These Monster Auras force exiles to think and fight strategically. An exile may try to slay the minions first, or attempt to take down the single greater threat that is empowering the lesser creatures. Another tactic is to lure the smaller ones away from the leader, where they can be more easily dispatched. Sometimes, however, the best course of action is to avoid the encounter altogether.

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