Screenshot of Forsaken Masters Socket Crafting

One of the new features we're experimenting with in 1.2.0 is Spectator Mode for PvP. This mode allows players to jump into a friend's PvP instance and watch the carnage unfold. Spectators can freely switch viewpoints to anyone's on either team, while remaining invisible and unobtrusive to others. Normally hidden objects, such as traps and mines, are made visible to spectators.

Click the image to see a larger version of the Socket Crafting screenshot:
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edit: Its my Birthday Today!!! First Hype and Birthday Hype!!! Double Hype!!!!

@Chris, is there going to be a delay for the spectating in pvp matches?

I feel that people that have a second screen can log on and spectate themselves or their oponent to see where mines or traps are if there are any. Minor advantage but its the little things that count
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Looks good, I'm digging it!
That's a mighty fine Tolman decoration you have in your assassin lair Chris :)
Good to see the old health/mana globes.
New flask sections looks nice. No black holes under each flask now.
IGN: Aux
Those costs seem fair compared to what we have to expect when it comes to 5L/6L etc.
IGN : @Morgoth
front page :)
cannot wait for the expansion!
Morgoth2356 wrote:
Those costs seem fair compared to what we have to expect when it comes to 5L/6L etc.

especially how often i've been above 200+ fusings for 5L I'd gladly pay 150 for a unique that I cant scrap.

LLD BOTW spark/arc caster guide

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