Build of the Week Roundup

This week's Build of the Week episode was the final one in Season Two. The series is taking a short break between seasons so that we can focus on our upcoming August expansion. Build of the Week will return with Season Three in late August. Today's news contains links to the 29 historic episodes so that you can check out some builds from Path of Exile's past.

Season Two:

Season One:

Wow, that new microphone used in S01E14 onwards really helped.

While the older builds are in many ways less complex than recent ones, they show the same degree of creativity that we enjoy showcasing. It's going to be awesome seeing what new builds are possible in 1.2.0!
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Looking forward to season 3.
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Oh sweet! can't wait to see what the next seasons passive tree will bring us!
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First page gloory!
1.2.0 Hypu!
Where is the new trade system that you were talking about, GGG?
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Celorien wrote:
Oh sweet! can't wait to see what the next seasons passive tree will bring us!
Same. The incoming revamp of the int half of the tree sound pretty extensive, and I pretty much only play int characters, so I'm really looking forward to not going "4% movement speed nodes? Insanely disparate staff nodes nonsensically combined? COME ON!". I'll be particularly happy if they improve life/ES hybridity.

Anyway, always enjoy the build of the week episodes. Hopefully the next run will include more builds that aren't either comically expensive, or literally the most popular build in the game. Not to say those sorts of builds should never be featured, they're just both on the extreme ends of the accessibility spectrum - something more moderate would be nice.
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Can't wait for season 3 and patch 1.2.0 !
"just for try, for see and for know"
need 1.2.0 info please
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Good stuff! Also (yet again) I didn't post my build.
Free passive tree reset 1.2.0!
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Awesome, very nice. Thanks for the list.
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