So how do they get so much currency in a few days ?

Not to brag or anything, but in 2 days played time, I have accumulated 107 chaos orbs, 60 alcs and 2 exalted orbs and the most I sold an item for was 9c, others have more or less been 1c. Its not hard if you know what to throw in your sale thread. I keep a lot of shit though, because im really newb at trading as I usually dont trade, I dont like to trade at all. I just thought i'd try for this race and see how well I do and its working good. A lot of it is from the chaos recipe though. Also have spent around 20c on items so far.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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I have gotten lucky from some key drops to get me started on wealth this league. I have had an Alphas Howl drop and just had this drop last night

I have also prolly had about 20 or so
drop and always check the vendors leveling for 6 sockets for the ever famous
x7. I have prolly made about another 10-15 chaos from vendor 6s to get me started on making currency to trade with.
Put peanut butter on it!
..... Pretty much the only drop I have gotten. It's really not that hard though to get wealth.

Hell I bought this item on day 2, with 2 sockets.

132 jewelers
121 fusing
98 Chroms.

What's that add up to? about 3-4 ex worth of self crafting? Managed that by level 67... I'm level 70 now, end goal is 80 so who cares really.

I'm saving my efforts for the next 4 month league. I can already feel the neck beard growing.

Had all this by day 5

Fucking casual as shit, 4500 ES, 5K dps, level 70, 82 all resist, 92 w/ triple flasks, damn near every aura.... getting to 80 will be a breeeeeze.
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