Pros and Cons of Mirror of Kalandra

first, it has to drop for me

then we'll talk

Mirrors are practically duping made legit.

My thoughts on the matter;

tinfoil hat-mode on:
GGG is creating Mirrors out of thin air (and all other currency), copying the best items, and then putting it all up on the RMT market, which is completely controlled and owned by GGG themselves. The drop rate for mirrors is astronomically low (I've played about 5k hours and never even seen a mirror drop) to incentivize people to RMT and/or incentivize people to keep playing in hopes of getting lucky. Regal orbs and above are there to construct an illusion of crafting for the average player, subtly encouraging him to RMT by the use of infinite RNG layers. The average player will soon feel completely out of control over his progression in the game and conclude that the only way to get guaranteed value out of his limited playing time is by RMTing.

tinfoil hat-mode off:
Mirrors are there to cater to those who cherished the highly RMT/bot/exploit influenced market of d2. Allegedly the overall enjoyment of an ARPG is directly correlated to the number of people in possesion of gg items. GGG tries to achieve as high enjoyment for as many as possible while still giving people incentives to keep grinding for dat gear. If everyone had easy access to gg top tier perfect rolled gear, they think their game wouldn't last very long. So they compromise with a completionist type of player who only plays to obtain best-in-slot items, while still not breaking the game or opening up opportunities for exploits.
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Completed 39 Challengespichapie wrote:
first, it has to drop for me

then we'll talk

I am bit old, I might not make it to 2084. But I will leave last will, clearly stating that my offsprings are entitled to speak out for me in this matter.
Completed 36 Challengesaldorus wrote:
Completed 39 Challengespichapie wrote:
first, it has to drop for me

then we'll talk

I am bit old, I might not make it to 2084. But I will leave last will, clearly stating that my offsprings are entitled to speak out for me in this matter.

Lol, the world will end before some people who play POE will ever see a mirror drop for them. They should just make both items unusable after mirror has been used, its dumb to use mirrors on the same GG item over and over anyways.
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I think mirrors and eternal are a horrible idea as far as the overall economy is concerned.
The exalt and other rate orb rates are balanced around the fact that thanks to the 2 top orbs (mirror and eternal) the overall orb consumption for crafting is less.
Basically being able to get "do over" on crafts from eternals instead of having to start over when you don't get the right mod means that gg item comes with less exalt, divine, regal used.
It then means once a gg item is done that the use over mirrors saves even more orbs from being used for crafting.
Overall less crafting orbs are used to gear the top players which is the opposite of how it should be and creates inflation.
In gggs vision where trade and economy are god, inflation is bad and they curtail the high rate of inflation they themselves have caused be having a much lower than needed for crafting exalt drop rate.

So in that ramble I guess the main point is that mirrors make crafting trivial for the highest end players and impossible for most others.
Pros: good for RMT business
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The real question is how big of a problem this is?

People talk about RMT and mirrors making this a big issue and end game loot and all of this crap but nobody really talks about "why" or "how" or "just how much.

RMT makes shit tons of more money selling other items, chaos orbs, exalts, ect items then "mirror level items". Same way I make more money selling a can of soda pop to the masses then a $10,000 drink people think it's nice to have but don't really need.

Look at the "mirror market" itself, all items have been almost all mirrored less then 10 times with few stuff mirroring higher then that.

People all talk about how they make big bucks with mirroring service and this and that, but let's be honest here almost nobody in the entire population of the game (like 0.1%) is willing to spend mirror + whatever fee for 1 item much less have enough currency for it.

Even then mirrors are so rare that RMT companies don't even have any to sell to the masses.

Here is a quote for the people who still think that magically mirrors are theses secret gold mines for RMT and rich people.

Before people start blabbering away at how much crafters can profit from crafting items and offering mirror service, there's only a few items that will profit. Majority of items will be a LOSS in currency for the crafter.

Only items that are extremely high in demand will be able to attempt to break even. Such items are weapons, amulets and shields.

Other than that, only certain rings will profit and the rest will fail to make even 50% of the money costed to craft that ring back. To add to this, despite how popular Loath Bane was, the #1 Dagger, it has yet to break even on crafting costs. The #1 Sword costed around 450 et/ex and has only 1 mirror on it. That being said, only a few weapons (like 3), have made massive profits.

Items such as Kevshienz's Amulet were extremely high in demand because soon after crafting the amulet, the T1 crit multi mod became legacy and well, everyone loves legacy items and the amulet can be used for almost any crit build

All 3 rings that i have crafted have not come close to getting back the currency costed to craft. They were funded by my shield where I was extremely lucky, for both acquiring it and mirror servicing it.

All in all, the cost to mirror gear is already pretty damn expensive. To mirror Axn's new #1 Dagger, it would take a mirror (170ex) and 100ex as a fee which totals to 270ex for a mirrored copy and locked colours version of the dagger. Items such as chests, boots, helm are rarely mirrored because these days you could just buy a near-perfect original (non locked colours) for not much more than what it would cost to mirror one.

Honestly I think they are just as scapegoat for people to blame because they don't understand how it really works, it's like that with anything else when people don't understand it and feel as though it's magical and out of their reach.
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There are no pros.
I have pretty mixed feelings about it.

They would be better if eternal orbs were never implemented. Then again, eternals would be fine if mirrors didn't exist.

Both co-existing? Fucked up. Selection of perfect items for every slot for every build - horrible.
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