Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!

1. Skill Gem System
2. Orb system
3. Buyable Stash Tab

1. Economy
2. RNG everywhere
3. No modding
1. Linking RNG
2. Chroming RNG
3. Very Expensive craft + RNG
4. No passive skill tree reset option - only regrets.


1. Skill Gem System
2. Orb system
3. No AH :) !!!
4. Gameplay + GGG genuinely cares about tgamer's +++
& meny meny more!
1. Races
2. MTX / Making your character standout
3. Doesn't hold your hand

1. Movement skill desync
2. Shift + Enter putting you in global chat
3. Trade / trade chat
1. Tolerant chat policy, you only get brief mutes for dropping N-bombs.
2. AltF4 'cos meso no wana die
3. Watching noobs rip on their own

1. No auction house
2. No mailbox
3. No proper pvp battlegrounds with objectives
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Cool players (mostly)
Complex skillweb
GGG actually thinking of the player base

Fusing RNG
Atziri farming system (because of repetition of corrupted area farming)
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+ Customizable Builds
+ Great Action
+ Replayability / Leagues

- DESYNC and more DESYNC even on great connections (several rage quits)
- DROPS really ruins the experience with high level characters (70+)
- Crafting Pretty worthless for all but the elite players. Pretty much ruins the game for casuals.
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-Complex Passive tree
-Support gems

-Too much RNG and few reward
-Lots of RMT related sites
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1 => Build diversity ( skill tree, gems, etc. )
2 => Cool player
3 => GGG <3

1 => No Craft
2 => which lead into a trading game, ( and the trading parties ... ). The game is really good, but it's too much oriented into a bad trading simulator...
3 => No DROPS, i think, some unique need to be a bit more common, but it's not the real problem.
Rare items, there's too much of them and none of them are good => no good feeling when you find them.
Maybe less drop, but more good rare will be a good things => result in : " OMG a rare regalia !!!" instead of " ... click ... click ... "
The best:

1/ The craft system.

2/ The skill tree: the ability to go from one end to another and pick whatever node you see a use of.

3/ The skill gem management.

The worst:

1/ The skill tree: There's so much need of life in this game that i rarely choose anything beside life from the 80 first level.. which is boring.

2/ The unique which are either overpowered or plain useless.

3/ The fact that a totem equiped with a life leech/life on hit can't leech to assure it's survival.

PS: I add the desync as a bonus but since i've discovered the way to make a macro of /oos.. it's not that much of a problem for me.
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+ "grittiness"
+ skill/class flexibility
+ GGG's attention to what's going on

- desync
- trading
- mirrors

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