Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!

+ skilltree
+ dark setting/design
+ no p2w

- desync (some builds like cyclone are really unplayable)
- "crafting" system (you cannot call it crafting sry)
- the respec system (i would like to have the possibility to respec without costs to test a lot of builds without leveling each time a new char)

+ Skylldrasil
+ Items diversity
+ "Business Model"

- Desync
- Butt-ugly
- End-game crafting
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3 Best

1. Character customization and growth
2. Versatility of classes
3. Challenge

3 Worst

1. Trade system
2. Desync
3. Community
+ very fun playing viable builds
+ exsisting low budget builds
+ love the dark/gritty environment and design

- trading and economy
- not being able to lvl without broken Map System
- too powerful items (shavs,CoE,Atziri Gloves) and existence of Legacy stuff
3 Best
1: deep and varied playstyle/character customization which doesn't initially require a lot of homework
2: fun as hell
3: cool atmosphere

3 Worst
1: trade limitations
2: chat limitations
3: social limitations

(current patch 1.1.5b)
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1. Skill gem system
2. Passive tree
3. Developer commitment


1. Trading system
2. Repeating difficulties
3. Chat box (layout, UI, opacity, commands, etc)
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Skill tree

constant updates

New racetypes


Having to play Acts over and over again i rather have a slower pace and by the time you get to act 3 you should be around 50-60. As it is now i make a char run it half sleeping and end up dying to some silly mistake just as i get to merciless and have to do the same thing again. If your not super efficient at leveling you spend way to many hours running lower boring difficulties. And no its not my bad build its usually a one hit thing in a new league pre nerf (HC ofc)

Trading its gotten better with and procurement but its still s*** The fact that i even need outside help to make trading bearable is silly to me.

I do like the skill tree but would love to see like 50 more major keynodes people making builds still use in almost all the decent builds the same 3-5 nodes that all builds have to have

Other than that love thegame keep up the great work
Off the top of my head, not in any particular order ...

1. GGG is active and responsive to community
2. Great Free to Play model (although MTX are a tad expensive)
3. Skill forest

1. Desync
2. "Crafting" system too random
3. Magic find too powerful
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+legacy shav
+legacy kaoms

-Araku Tiki
-Crown of Thorns
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