Season Eight, Event 148: 1 Hour Endless Ledge

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Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.
A guide has been posted here which covers general aspects and strategies of racing.

Dead characters will still be able to receive reward points in Endless Ledge events.

Top Prizes:

The overall top player by experience will receive 3 Reward Points.

The top 20 players of each class by experience will receive:
  • #1 player of each class: 10 Reward Points
  • #2 player of each class: 6 Reward Points
  • #3 player of each class: 5 Reward Points
  • #4 player of each class: 4 Reward Points
  • #5 player of each class: 3 Reward Points
  • #6-10 player of each class: 2 Reward Points
  • #11-20 player of each class: 1 Reward Point

Prizes for reaching specific levels:
  • Level 25: 10 Reward Points
  • Level 21-24: 7 Reward Points
  • Level 18-20: 6 Reward Points
  • Level 15-17: 5 Reward Points
  • Level 12-14: 4 Reward Points
  • Level 9-11: 3 Reward Points
  • Level 6-8: 1 Reward Point

Random Prizes:
Each Reward Point you earn in this race counts as a ticket in a random draw for one of the following items:
  • Alternate Art Lifesprig Unique Item (30 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Pillar of the Caged God Unique Item (20 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Berek's Pass Unique Item (30 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Prismatic Ring Item (15 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Three Dragons Unique Item (5 available to be won)
Good lord. Devourers, Undying Alchemists AND Spectral Buccaneers all on the second map. That includes the Puncture archers.

RNJesus hates me today, it seems.
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no corals at all. No +1's, ms at lvl 15
couple zones was easy, then comes the retarded zones. Wast 1st overall fighting with evangelists and alchemists who almost 2 shots me
Then got hasted rare in the worst possible place - at perpetus. With ancestal rare - the one with searing bond. Somehow escaped that mobs that run 5 times faster than me with 50 hp and empty pots (while they were burning me with totems and perp was doing ek)... and next zone is cold snap ambushers and some act 3 offscreen shit
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Got this but I died because I got cocky.
No iron rings the whole race, but I got 6 of these:

And this dropped at the last min:
Lol died and came first.
Overall gear/zone combo was nowhere near 1st in class worthy, but it seems all the better/luckier duelists died or were afk.

Only decent item throughout the race, crafted with 10 mins to go:

GG all, see you next race.
KoTao ~ 90 CI Crit Caster Shadow ~ HC League
pretty bad start but then found
ign: arrowinhole

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