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I'm not sure if this (or similar) has been suggested before, so apologies if I am going over old ground with this suggestion:

Currently the passive tree is a cornerstone feature of POE and customising builds. It adds great depth and keeps player coming back with new, exciting ideas. However, it is filled with some "holes", or dead zones, that many builds just don't go near. Whilst the community waits anxiously for each major release to see how the tree might change... overhauling the tree (and the roadways) can be a major time sink and balance risk for POE.

As an alternative I propose the following:

- a "cluster" of passive nodes are those nodes grouped in a larger circle (that groups the nodes in to similar passive attributes... sometimes called a "suburb").

- if a build uses ALL of the nodes within a "cluster" a stronger passive "cluster" bonus is granted.

- builds can then choose to build towards these lucrative cluster bonuses or forego them in order to travel wider throughout the tree.

Here are a couple of examples:



- GGG could change these cluster bonuses more easily without re-working the passive tree, which could drastically change the way builds could be made.

- GGG could make the cluster bonuses "theme based" depending on the 4 Month Leauges, such as Sacrifice of the Vaal... bonuses could be Vaal related.

- Cluster bonuses could be vary depending on the game mode: PvE or PvP.

<EDIT> - optional... if the bonuses do change between 4ML, GGG could decide whether to make the bonuses public or to keep the hidden for player discovery.

IMO there the above extends the Passive Tree into more greater areas for theory crafting without re-working the entire tree. Once built in changing the bonuses should be rather simply with the only considerations being balance related.

Anyway, that's the idea, hopefully it is of use.

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This could work really well on the clusters that have art in the middle of them....mouse-over the art and it shows the cluster bonus as a tooltip (and maybe says something along the lines of "Allocate all nearby passives to unlock this bonus.").

It could really help promote grabbing some of the additional passives that don't work well for your build or are not completely optimal on their own just to specifically unlock the cluster bonus (though I'm not sure if they want to promote some of the weaker nodes in this way, an example would be getting a weapon accuracy node on a Resolute Technique build in order to unlock the cluster bonus).
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Notables already accomplish cluster bonuses by being gated behind the other nodes in the cluster. If GGG implemented this, then they would have to reduce the power of every individual node in the cluster. This would also make it harder to convey the tree to newer players, given that now we would have nodes and meta-nodes.
I like this idea a lot, but it too many clusters have bonuses, many builds will suddenly go from "ok" to "op"
i support but we would have to find a way to make sure stuff doesn't go op
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In terms of cluster variants, it could be amazing to implement "cluster variant shards" which you need 4 of to socket them into your cluster slot to receive the bonuses associated. There could be unique cluster variants, on a rarity level of soultaker, and more common ones.
imho not needed, this method would not help diversity; players would try to benefit from the cluster bonuses resulting in more similar trees for specific builds. i kinda don't like it.
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I think it could be a way to balance some underused clusters, I like the idea
Sounds broken.
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Seems like a cool idea and thematically it would make sense but at the same time it's kind of a balance nightmare.
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