Content Update 1.1.4 Teaser Video

ZiggyD has created a teaser video for patch 1.1.4 which shows off much of what we're adding later this week. We'd like to thank him for the time and enthusiasm he put into the video. Let us know what you think!
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Really liking the removal of Suffering map mod.
Alhoon's Trading Post (1 month HC)
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looks pretty cool :)
First page hypeeeeeee

When will the update be launched tho?
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First Page! WOOT! Love it Ziggy! Keep up the great work.
tthe wings are sick.
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ZiggyD Hype! :D
ZiggyD is a top bloke.
What Carl said is true. Balance is a moving target. And unless you're Simo Häyhä, you're going to shoot and kill innocent creatures now and then, especially those ignorant enough to stick their heads out.

My will has been dispensed.
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Really good, and well presented video.

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