The Two-Week Race has Ended!

After two hectic weeks, our Ambush/Invasion charity race is over. The ladder is preserved here and has some very impressive results. Over 15,000 characters reached level 43, and 76 characters reached level 90! We will be determining the prizes soon and will update this post when they are ready. Thanks for your patience - we expect we'll have it calculated early in the workday tomorrow, NZ time.

Update: I initially indicated the prizes would be determined today, but it looks like they'll be ready by tomorrow morning (in our workday). Due to the number of accounts that reached the prize thresholds (and the need to enforce rules about one account per player), we're trying to be careful to make sure it's all awarded properly and fairly.

So far we're at 4924 Angelic Masks sold, resulting in $24,620 raised for the Child's Play charity. I've also been told about $730 of private larger donations that were made directly, so that means we've exceeded our target of $25,000! It looks like I'll be shaving my head this week and will try to get it on video. I'll leave the donation link up a bit longer. Thanks again for your generous contributions - it's really amazing that our community was able to contribute that much to their cause.
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Just a bit further til Chris shaves his melon, gaiz. :3
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GG Everyone!
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Awesome 2-week... In advance gratz to all the winners! :)
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Best of lucks,to charity benefactors, to GGG, to you guys, and to me :P i really need to win a normal tab ;P
Thanks a lot for Race! <3
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i bought a second angelic mask to make sure u loose your hair.

if you are gonna put the event of you having your head shaved in a vid on the frontpage i will buy another one!
I'd wish you lot the best of luck, but as some of my direct competition, I'd really rather not waste any on you. No offense, mates, just business.

Instead, I will offer an early congratulations to all our winners, and a big shoutout to the peeps in the top 100 of the ladder. You're all batcrap crazy as far as I'm concerned - crazy AWESOME.
Had a blast, great Event :)
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