Porcupine death damage type

Does anyone happen to know what kind of damage the Imperial Gardens porcupines do when they die and shoot the spines? I would like to farm the Gardens more but they cut through my ES like a hot knife through butter and I'm CI build so it gets crazy scary a lot in there.

The spines ignore my level 17 AA, so I assume it's not physical damage or fire damage... unless physical hits ES first before checking resist?

There is currently no wiki entry for them.
I believe it is physical.

Even if you have AA, if you don't have sufficient armor, you're still going to take a decent chunk of damage. It may appear to be even higher if you're killing several Quill Bears and getting several spines thrown into you at once.
It's also not a projectile attack I believe [Removed by Support]
i use a secret account because i am a politician that doesnt want the NSA to know i play poe.
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well I guess I was looking for an excuse to head for Body and Soul. Thank you for the reply.
My ranger has alot of evasion and the node ''double chance to evade projectile'' it is so easy to farm imperial garden. I think 1/10 projectile hits me even less.
Glowing green mouse cursor plz.
is it pure physical when i use immortal Call they do 0dmg
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