QUESTION ON SHOCK (can anyone help)

I am currently running a 2x Flame totem build and wondering if it's worth my time getting The Three Dragons (fire can shock) + the static node that adds duration + 10% more shock. Would it be able to shock bosses or anything due to the lower end dps on the totems?

basically you need to hit a target with enough fire dmg "in a single strike" that does atleast 2% of their total max hp to get a 0.3+- second shock duration shock stack.

in other words you will never be able to shock a boss with flame totem skill, white mobs its probable, but bosses never (atleast merciless ones)
that is what I was wondering thanks think incin could break that with the ramped up damage? prob not right?
So what you do is link in Elemental Proliferation and let the minions transfer their shock to their boss.
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