Vaal Discipline doesnt work?

Any ideas why Vaal Discipline doesnt work in my case? Check the gloves where I put that for now.

I have it charged, yet it does not activate. I tried to stay in front of mob and let him take my life to half ES...
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Auras do not work with Cast when damage taken.
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Well... that´s surprising. Had not idea about this. Any particular reason why is that so?
Because your auras would be turning on and off repeatedly during combat. Just like if you were hitting your aura button every time you took a certain amount of damage.
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That does not make any sense... I guess they made auras not being supported by triger gems because they bypass mana cost/reservation and because of infinite duration.

But any of these is not case of Vaal Aura. It does not have any mana reservation/cost and lasts only 3 seconds...
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Regardless of the reason, CwDT has never worked with auras and Vaal Auras are still Auras whether they cost mana or not.
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Regardless of reason... makes a lot of sense :)
So it would be more reasonable to allow a support gem to work with some auras and not others? A Vaal aura is just a regular aura that was corrupted. It's still an aura. If you don't believe that, try corrupting a bunch of regular discipline aura gems and see how many turn into Vaal aura gems. Auras be auras. They don't work with trigger gems. Never have. Attacks don't work with trigger gems either. Or mines. Or traps.
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I thought/hoped that GGG was going some way to making this game a little more stream lined with the trigger gems( first version) and cutting down on the recasting of short term buffs but alas no.

What with the Three seconds duration and gathering souls AND making space for a new set of gem types that will only get used at the start of boss fight i dont see these gems getting much use after the novelty has worn off.

Of course there WILL be some OP snap shot set up using them no doubt, but that kind of play has never interested me.
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Like I said, there is reason why it doesn't work with regular auras. Quite obvious reason...

In case that Vaal Auras can't be used with triggers what's their point then? It can't serve as "oh shit button" since it has disgusting cast time...

3 seconds base duration simply does not worth the sockets (with increased duration) at all unless it can be used with CWDT.

And yes, I don't see any issues with auras that have duration being supported by CWDT at all.
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