Worth trying to 6L this Armor?

So here's the Armor:

I'm currently using it on my RF build. A 6L carcass Jack goes for about 30 Ex, give or take a bit. The only B B B B B R on poe.xyz is over 40 right now because those colors are hard to get if a person needed that combo.

30 EX / 50 fusings per EX = 1500 fusings

From what I've heard, on average it takes about 1000 to 6L an armor, with an obviously massive variance around the mean.

Do you think it would be worth it?
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Probably not on standard. There's got to be plenty of 6L carcass jacks floating around there that they wouldn't be all that expensive, and the exalt:fuse ratio there is what? 1:40? Not worth it IMO.
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Take the 1000 Fuses sell them for 20ex+ buy a 6L.
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Also for RF not much else you can add support gem wise for additional damage. 5L is all you ever need for RF. Even 4L is good if you don't want item rarity.
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Risk vs reward. You could end up getting the 6 link on the first fusing or it could take 3000. I guess it depends how much currency you have saved up. If you are rich I would totally go for it. If you only have the wealth to 6 link it I would buy one.

IMO what is life without a little risk?
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h3rp3s wrote:
Take the 1000 Fuses sell them for 20ex+ buy a 6L.
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The colours really aren't hard to get, it's 3 off colours. <200 Chromatics and you can probably get them.

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