What % of players have killed Atzuri?

I am playing ambush and it would be cool to know how many other people have killed Atziri, what % of players have completed this challenge? I have no idea if this information is available but I would imagine its less then 25%, maybe less then 10%? Does anyone know?

help please chris or anyone else from GGG :-D I want to know where I fall so I can brag to my RL friends ;-D
25 % ? you insane. Id say even 10 % is overstretching it.
i would say less than 0.01% if you are counting every single account created
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Don't worry, you're in the 1% snowflake. Or the .01% with all dummy account accounted for.
were talking about regular Atziri NOT Uber Atziri right? ;-D
Cant kill it, too much grind and no return and point doing it. Just throwing 30 chaos per every attempt getting back useless flask.
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I am pretty sure no one has ever been able to beat Atzuri.
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Way below 1%.
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VaultzInex wrote:
I am pretty sure no one has ever been able to beat Atzuri.

You tend to make really weird statements.
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