Death by Strongbox?

You could also consider building up some endurance charges and popping an immortal call then opening the box or turning on a granite prior to opening.
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duh, immortal call!! I have 7 endurance charges... yes, first time playing a melee char :-)
I'm a summoner and i have no problems.

Um imo try using a summon skele gem (if you can spare a blue, and HP if you can spare two blues) and spam before opening

I very rarely die to boxes these days just because there's so much stuff ontop of me
I'm a summoner too and I DO have the problem...also with Vaal summon skellies gem.

Went CI so am pretty fragile as I dont have uber ES gear (yet), so deync pretty much rips me apart though usually only on rare boxes.

I still open every box though, even the useless chemist ones, like a lemming.

Didn't have much problem up until Act 3 merciless, but once I started hitting L65+ areas, it really became an issue.

I don't suppose there's a red or green that does the same thing? I don't have enough intelligence and wasn't planning on adding any. hmmmm

You can use Smoke Mine to get away if necessary for 1 gem slot, you do have to detonate it immediately after opening the box though.

Personally my Whirling Blades + Faster ATtacks + huge attack speed gets me clear with plenty of time to spare. Add in a defreeze flask use for boxes that freeze. (though to be safe you're better off rerolling the freezing box unless the other mods on it are amazing)
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Maybe try popping a decoy totem the other side from which you open it. Worked well for me.
Think the point of the OP was more about desync rather than the mods. For example, in may case I run away from the box after activating, only to be rubberbanded frequently back into the middle of the mobs usually resulting in instant death for me.
The boxes have killed me more times than mobs by far. I hit my speed potion, click box, run like hell and about ~30% of the time am pulled right back into the crowd of mobs. Nothing like death for a couple of white items. On a side note, I like to mod boxes for the "3 rare monsters" mod. They almost always drop way better items than the boxes.

I also use fire traps (+ conc effect & added burn dmg) but the lightning warp idea had not occurred to me, thank you for that.
I don't suppose there's a red or green that does the same thing? I don't have enough intelligence and wasn't planning on adding any. hmmmm

Green: Whirling Blades
Red: Leap Slam
Link with faster attacks.

Most of the times I've died is because of detonate corpse or poison cloud. I always get a few seconds lag, but since I'm righteous fire I don't have to have any input to kill stuff, but those two mods will kill or nearly kill me if I don't leap slam away fast enough.
are you the same guy who posted that on reddit ? anyways posted the same stuff there:

what about tp before opening a box ? you just stay in front of the box -> open a tp -> open the box -> asap use the tp -> wait maybe 2 seconds -> go back on the map.
i mean i have no problems with desync or screen freezes if i open the box. but i use this method everytime i got something like freeze mod or ice nova.

i prefer death by snu snu anyways.
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