Death by Strongbox?

Desync every single time and death about 60 to 70% of the time upon opening them? Anyone else? Any point in opening the stupid things really? It wasn't so bad in cruel but in merciless not so much.
these strongbox are some life gambling...
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The addition of an on/off toggle for effects would suffice until the game can be properly optimized.
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alrighty then! well, i'd be level 64 by now if i just passed em by instead of 62 over the past few hours... so skip em i guess.
Here's a tech for getting away safely after triggering.

1. (Optional) Drop a bunch of traps around the box.

2. Cast Lightning warp a long way away.

3. Open the box before lighting warp goes off and you'll get away scott free!

I use this tech on my EB MoM Freeze Pulse scion, and it works great to keep your hide alive.
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Agree with lightning warp.
Since it's pre-cast, not even a "silence" curse can stop you from getting away.

Traps on the ground before you open it help cut the enemy numbers down as well. I'm also fairly fond of dropping a Freeze Mine, then spamming detonate right after I open it. A few enemies get through, but it usually works well enough to not die in a big initial spike of damage before the fps returns to normal.
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Ok, thx for tip on lightning warp. I will give it a shot.

I'm lol right now, this is ridiculous. I cast level 16 vaal molten shell and I have devouring totem setup to eat the 20 or so bodies i just killed at the foot of the box. I open box and try to leap slam away but I desync and I'm still dead. What a freaking joke. There has to be a 1 second wait period or something.

Yes, lightning warp it is.
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I don't suppose there's a red or green that does the same thing? I don't have enough intelligence and wasn't planning on adding any. hmmmm
You could even try lightning warp with increased duration support if it's teleporting too fast for you.
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