WTS Lots of Quality Rares 4Ls Gems Etc.

Azdrubel wrote:
!!!ATTENTION!!! Shady business going on here! Seller is editing posts AFTER timers ran out. Do not buy here! Do not trust any promise. !!!ATTENTION!!!


On Feb 15th 05:14 GMT+1 my offer of 3chaos 2regret for the Serpentscale Boots was accepted and a 1hour timer was given by the seller.

On Feb 15th 15:43 GMT+1 another offer of 2GCP was placed on the boots.

On Feb 16th 07:00 the seller edited the post where he gave me a 1h timer and cancelled the timer after it ran out!

On Feb 16th 07:08 GMT+1 the boots were sold for the new offer of 2gcp.

yea sorry i forgot about that. it wasnt really official anyways since this isnt really about auctions, and i wanted to sell them to u but either u werent on or didnt give ign i forgot.
Last edited by Maximus_X on Feb 16, 2013, 7:11:30 AM
price on doom volley bow?
IGN Bowzak, Dischargeback

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