The Bung Gwadz Shop (Rares, 4Links+ and Quality Gems!)

1 alch for gale grip.

IGN: Ariesyris
Ariesyris | Baynarah | Renxian
no-BS trading:
alch orb for the quiver
2 chaos 1 alch for the quiver.

Ingame: Eregoth_Bow

EDIT: Updated my bid.
Ingame names:
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main post updated
superior golden plate 1 alch IGN SkylineGTR
IGN CommonPsycho
2 chaos for the quiver
IGN: Siu_Mic
Updated more items, off to bed. leave bids on forums or leave me a pm.
2 Chaos 1 Alch for Havoc Stinger.
Ingame names:
Alchemy for Life Leech
IGN: Kosiciel

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