Hi GGG, I have a frame spikes regarding patches of grounds

I know that this is my computer's low performance issues, but is it possible for you guys to

make an option on setting menu to reduce these area effects?

It happens whenever I enter burning or shocking ground maps and Vaal maps where red clouds are

linger on certain parts of maps. Ah also when fighting against dominus' 2nd form :/

I wish you guys can help me with this problem.. Thanks!
They aren't able to reduce the number of shown shader effects like that. They would need to completely re-write their graphics engine. However, they definitely want to add more video options to the UI, and they're always are working on effects and game events to improve performance. You should have seen the slowdowns with poison arrow before they changed the art.

It has been a repeated complaint that the rain in the Dominus fight and other places makes older video cards weep. They might give an option to turn off rain, or make the rain simpler or more optimized. I'm sure someone is working on that boss fight specifically.

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