Game crashes and why I'm temporarily leaving.

Ever since open beta, I've played this game with much enjoyment, but recently (Since SotV), things have changed. Randomly, with no pattern whatsoever, my game crashes. Not to the login screen, just straight up "Path of Exile has stopped working, windows did could not find a problem to fix," or something very similar to that language. Every time it crashes, I lose my progress in a map, but for some reason, on the times it crashed while I was messing with my inventory, when I log back in I'll be holding on my cursor the item I was moving at the time. Why it can remember one piece of information and not the other is beyond me (I logged back in with seconds of crashing. The time limit on instances was not an issue.)

Times I've found it to crash the most are when the camera moves into the boat for character selection. As it passes through the top deck to reveal the characters, I find, when the game crashes, 33% of the time it's at this exact moment. Recently, it crashed twice in a row as I was messing with my inventory in Sarn Encampment. Other common times are at loading screens. Other than those three areas, I've crashed a time or two randomly just about in every other situation you can think of. I am usually good at sensing patterns, but I've got nothing on this one.

I've trolled around the forums, and see a lot of people with problem getting logged out back to the login page, but nothing like what I've been experiencing. I've been running around with F1 on, and have seen no latency flatlines, lag spikes, or anything out of the ordinary. WinMTR has produced no abnormal results, no packet loss, and consistent ping rates.

Logic dictates that I've ruled out anything reasonable on my end, and the timing of the crashes and the patch are too coincidental to ignore. I have to assume this is server side. I have lost too many potential items, area progress, and general time to these crashes to find this game worthwhile. As such I am leaving, but will keep a hopeful eye to the patch notes in the hopes that GGG addresses the issues I and many others have brought up, such that I may return to enjoying my time in this wonderful game once more.
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Have your tried turning it off and on again?
Hi NinjaFifer,

I'm really sorry to hear you're having this problem. Could you please provide us with some information about your computer, so that we can confirm what may be happening, and hopefully find a solution?

In order to do this could you please run dxdiag (start, run, "dxdiag") and let us know the results? Please feel free to either post them here or send them to us directly via email at

If you send them in via email we should have an easier time assisting you, as we monitor and respond to those more consistently.
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Just got that mug as a going away present from my roomate :P Believe it or not, yeah, I've tried uninstall/reinstall, of both Steam and Path, and restarting my computer.
Thanks for your reply. Are you able to post a DxDiag report? You can do this by going to Start, Run, "DxDiag", Save file to text, Post text here.
I`ve been playing this game for couple of months every day and i really enjoyed it ( passed tense) . I understand that you (GGG) are very busy working on another patches, but when you gonna fix major problems with that game?/ Lags- Desync- Rubberbanding and so on , another excited skills more fireworks and more desync. Couple months ago i was thinking maybe its only me maybe its my internet connection , but since then i have changed my ISP and my broadband is 100Mbit fibreoptic with very low ping to 99.9% servers i know. Where you gonna fix that ? Im really think that would be better to leave game for couple weeks months. Like today i have had ping nearly 400 and even more desync or rb .I dont want to go back to diablo 3 because it sukcs balls big time. Offcourse there will be more posts after mine that im crying and Bye bye and other crappy comments. But this is my opinion. I have read many posts about ping desync problems but no answer from GGG , maybe this time you will answer.
GGG has posted extensively on the problem of desync/lag/rubber-banding..

Here is a post by Chris (reposted by Samantha) on the topic.
That post is over 8 months old, which is an eternity in gaming. I too am taking a break from this game until (and if) they resolve the many issues with it. For those of you that don't experience any issues with the game, I am envious and would love to continue playing. I love this game and think its terrific. Still play a little each day until the frustration factor kicks in....and that's solo. Hopeful for future improvements, would like to continue playing more.
I have brand new comp far beyond any specs you have for this game and I agree with the 100's of posts I have read I will stop playing until/if crashing pc ever gets fixed its a shame really to have a good game and loyal fanbase and not attend to the issues at hand. Very disappointed and I had never had this issue until newest patch fyi

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