Sent to standard league, no RIP...

There's a difference between complaining and reasoning. This is called reasoning.

I wasn't upset before, but this conversation has definitely upset me.

You have to look at the big picture, and from GGG's point of view. They're a small company. They don't have a lot of staff or resources to invest time into investigating every single request or "I died while disconnected" response.

Because of that, it is the most fair to everyone in the game if they restore no one and keep a strict "no restore" policy... which is what they have.

Yes it sucks when you die and it wasn't your "fault". I'm sorry you died. It happens. But you can either take the loss gracefully and start a new character or continue to play the dead character in Standard. There are also other options like creating a new character in a non-hardcore league... or if you're really that upset about it, quitting... although I don't recommend the last one.

People often times have troubles looking past themselves at the big picture for the game, the economy, and the developers. In this instance, their "no restore" policy is what fits best for everyone... except the person who died.

Again, sorry for your loss.
I feel bad for the OP and even though I never experienced what he did (yet...knock on wood), I get it. I think I have a solution. Because some of me have given GGG a chunk of money to play this game, because I want to see it grow. There should be a tier restore level for HC based upon how much you pay, whereby if something like this happens we can actually get restored, say 2 times. I think that would be fair and also help GGG continue a great game and allow additional cash to fuel the company further without giving these players any unfair advantage in the game. I'm sure there are ways, log files and what not, that can prove a death on disconnect or something unfair like the OP described. If that is the case I think this idea is a good one. Thoughts? . . .
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would be pay 2 win. not gonna happen. ( lost a bunch of chars to DC myself. usualy own provider DC thats when the game does not log your char instant out ).
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would be pay 2 win. not gonna happen. ( lost a bunch of chars to DC myself. usualy own provider DC thats when the game does not log your char instant out ).

that's correct. If you charged money for "restore tiers", it would not only NOT be fair (because it would in a way force others to do the same), but it would allow a "pay to win" system BECAUSE of the reason mentioned.

If they restore ANY characters, they have to take on the policy to restore all characters to keep it fair for everyone. GGG has stated that in no way do they want ANY MTX/Purchase to provide any gameplay advantage. The closest thing I would consider a gameplay advantage with the MTX is the stash tabs... but you aren't required to purchase them to still play the game (it just makes it harder to have multiple characters, etc).

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