What's coming in 1.1.2b?

Fixed a bug where cosmetic pets would sometimes never move after being summoned. This was a long-standing bug that has been in the game for over two years.

Best patch ever!
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Waiting now for next league hardcore more exiles for map, maybe a party of 6, like with the races exile everywhere. :D
Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
thank god. They were certainly unbalanced.
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Fixed a bug where cosmetic pets would sometimes never move after being summoned. This was a long-standing bug that has been in the game for over two years.

my bird will forever be gratefull
Praf wrote:
Some are good news in this announcement regarding balance changes,but i still have to get to try them out in game.I'm waiting for the other notes as well.How are we standing in making the game playable for all characters and not only playing specific builds i want to know,cuz from my point of view i don't see to much complexity now or freedom of choice cuz it will not be viable for end game maps.My question may be a bit aggressive which i don't intend,but i think is a fair one.
Best regards,Mina

Endgame skills my friends and I are using:

Heavy strike
Spectral Throw
Rain of Fire
Righteous Fire
Searing Bond
Dual Strike
Leap Slam
Infernal Blow
Burning Arrow
Split Arrow
Barrage (yes, Barrage)
Summon Skeletons, Summon Zombies, Summon Spectres
Freeze Puls
Ethereal Knives

Mechanisms we are using:

High Armor

Special things:

Iron Reflexes
Mind over Matter
Eldrich Battery

PLus a number of Auras and other defensive Skills

And thats just what we 4 people do in our limited time. Please feel free to combine any of the ones I just wrote down for your variation of a build.
Chris you tease.
stop over moderating that makes the official forums useless
Thanks for showing that you're listening to the players with the Rogue Exile nerfs. Well done bruddah.
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i rly hope u guys fix the bug with putting alteration orbs in stash and them not stacking right this has being going on for ever
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Rogue Exiles have had their life reduced. They're meant to simulate fast-paced player encounters and the fights don't have to last as long as regular boss fights.

oh btw
how long are the exiles ingame. 1 year ? and now you figured out that "They're meant to simulate fast-paced player encounters". thats funny. how come ?
Whenever you feel like correcting the loot. Because I tried to play lately with a new character, and it is as naked with the things I get from monsters as I started. Diablo II had this problem past the first playtrough, but for PoE it's from the start. I really like this game, but all levels and power trees are useless if you can't get the gear to go with it.

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