The Internet has ruined me.

You're welcome?
Is that a Freudian Gap?
Nope, its a Pirates Treasuremap

*hinthint* Flyxe has to dig where the X is. Arrr.
Lowqualitypicture is Lowqualitypicture
I can see what you see not, Vision milky, then eyes rot.
When you turn, they will be gone, Whispering their hidden song.
Porn ruined you, not the interwebz alone.
#TransIsBeautiful #FightBisexualErasure #GenderFluid
It's not just me who can see Goatse, right?
I still don't see it. :/

I am Vmoddin, the Developer of PA Calculator
The X should be closer to the "goal". So men like me with bad aim has It easier.
When a banker jumps out of a window, jump after him, that's where the money is.

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