Reflect elemental damage and physical damage Reflect

Elemental and physical reflect is quite easy to differentiate. At least in my opinion.

Some of the other abilities could really use some different animations to make them more visible. That is actually one of the things I enjoyed in D3; it was always pretty obvious which skills the elite packs had.
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Phys reflect could maybe use some tweaking because it tends to looks like one of the phys auras if you're not looking right at it, but pulsing blue spikes is uniquely ele reflect and outside of water, offscreen and colorblind I can't exactly call surprising.

Seems we're living in interesting times.
The fact aura's are invisible under water is actually a concern imo.

The aura's are visible just to give an indicator of what buffs the mobs have, removing that(like it happens when a mob is inside water) is actually a very bad player experience if it results in a dead.
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