Win Fireworks Update

Woah, we had no idea our little April Fools' joke would blow up like that. News about it was posted on large gaming sites and hit the top of both the /r/gaming and /r/games subreddits. The video has been watched 97k times, which we weren't expecting when we hastily threw it together. We typically don't comment on microtransaction sales, but in the 18 hours since we started selling the Win Fireworks, we've sold 14499 bundles of 10. Thanks for your generosity - it's great to see so many people winning.

Edit: It ended at a total of 18583 bundles for 278745 points.
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I got enough win for life!
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edit: Aux wins
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Better extend it for like a few days!
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You're making me buy more win! Argh!

Edit : can you share the news coverage on this?
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What a good joke hahahaha!
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You guys broke your promise.

You said you'd never let players pay to win, now anyone who pays is a winner, and anyone who doesn't isn't ;_;
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