Season Seven, Event 15: 1 Hour Descent

To see your points in the current season (and its prizes), go to this page.

You are also able to view your season and events history on your profile page, under the Seasons & Events section.

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.
A guide has been posted here which covers general aspects and strategies of racing.

Dead characters will still be able to receive reward points in Descent events.

Top Prizes:

The overall top player by experience will receive 3 Reward Points.

The top 20 players of each class by experience will receive:
  • #1 player of each class: Demigod's Bounty (Unique Golden Obi) and 10 Reward Points
  • #2 player of each class: 6 Reward Points
  • #3 player of each class: 5 Reward Points
  • #4 player of each class: 4 Reward Points
  • #5 player of each class: 3 Reward Points
  • #6-10 player of each class: 2 Reward Points
  • #11-20 player of each class: 1 Reward Point

Prizes for reaching specific levels:
  • Level 24: 10 Reward Points
  • Level 21-23: 7 Reward Points
  • Level 18-20: 6 Reward Points
  • Level 15-17: 5 Reward Points
  • Level 12-14: 4 Reward Points
  • Level 9-11: 3 Reward Points
  • Level 6-8: 1 Reward Point

Random Prizes:
Each Reward Point you earn in this race counts as a ticket in a random draw for one of the following items:
  • Alternate Art Wurm's Molt Unique Item (15 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Blackgleam Unique Item (10 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Thousand Ribbons Unique Item (5 available to be won)
its been a while since i road last time. deadly duel is on
who get flameblast?
alt art shop view-thread/1195695
i got chainstunned by those white shits shooting crap out of their arse for like 5sec. never seen anything like that before
oneshot discharge with lighting and fire rings equipped
alt art shop view-thread/1195695
I was fighting some monsters in the race and it suddenly disconnected me and force closed poe and then steam started updating (which is notoriously slow!) RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE!!! I just updated a 130mb update like 5 hours ago, now I have to do another 34 mb update?! Unbelievable. I probably wont be able to get back in before the race finishes. Not happy about this.
Died to blue dischargers. Didn't expect them to do that much dmg when I opened the door, lol. I played extremly slow, had forgotten everything. Still had a really good time. Also, godly gear rolls:

(I threw 4 chaos at the Sledge Hammer. worth.^^)
Destroyed by Thena Moga. Are the 4 exiles you get random or set?
Anarchy/Onslaught T shirt
Domination/Nemesis T shirt
Tempest/War Bands T shirt

got about a 20 min late start on this race, still had alot of fun tho :)
GitGud, GitNerfed, Repeat.
lol what a joke... barely 21 into desecrated, 22 and a half into demonic. Full clear demonic and just barely over 24.

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