Teaser Screenshot from new Unique Map

One of the supporter-designed Unique items in the upcoming 1.1.2 Content Update is a new Unique Map. It's themed around pirates on a treasure island. You may recognise an old friend while exploring it.

There have now been 32 players who have received credit for Invasion Atziri kills. We've received a lot of feedback about this competition, with many players feeling that it's unfair for players to trade items for help with the challenge. While this is within the rules of the competition as originally worded, we will try to avoid structuring competitions in this way in the future.

We'll be posting the schedule for Race Season Seven within the next couple of days. The season starts this coming weekend. Its signature race is an 85 minute fixed-seed race, which is very interesting now that there are Corrupted Secret Areas.
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I want that Fairgraves mtx for Spec Throw.
IGN: Aux
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IGN: HueHueHue_HueHueHue
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Vaal Storm Call?
Vaal Stormcall? Cool.

Yay! cool!

Ooh, vaal storm call and spectral throw fairgraves!

And thanks for listening to our feedback. I liked the idea that everyone who kills atziri gets an effect. Maybe the first 3 atziri kills gets another special effect too? It's hard to sell kills when only 3 people are getting it
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